Monday, October 13, 2008

down to the wire

We are getting down to the wire to leaving for the beach, Yea!! I've already have some quilt shops lined up while I'm down there to check out & maybe get some "memory" fabric. Bet your wondering what memory fabric is well it is fabric you get on vacation to remember the memories with. LOL. I cut out a bunch of chocolate/tan/brown fabric to make some cathedral windows lap quilt out of along with pink prints of various shades. I'm hoping this will look good plus it will keep me busy with some handwork too. hopefully I can find some fabric to go in with it. I'm also doing an "adult" i spy so I'll be on the look out for some good things too. I found some with a little playing a flute ( I played it in the band), volleyball, a sexy outdoor man one, one gal gave me a sexy fire man, plus some other awesome ones that brings up some cool childhood memories. This should be a neat looking quilt once I get completed LOL hopefully by the time I retire from life.

My goal by the end of november is to atleast complete 4 quilt tops all quilted out. hopefully i can stick with that goal. what is all you wonderful quilters goals????

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Getting ready for the beach

Will be heading down to the beach before long can't wait. We are going to be staying at holden beach. Hopefully i can find some quilt shops along the way. No too far off the beaten path. I'm planning on taking some type of hand work, not sure if it will be cathedral windows i'm wanting to make a pink/ brown scrappy one, lap size. Or maybe do some redwork. Anyone else have anyother handwork that is portable??

So looking forward to a break, the boys are going with me but hubby is staying home because it is hunting season. So it will be my mom/stepdad, my sister maria, her son tommy & boyfriend, my sister lisa, my brother jimmy & his wife kelly. we are hoping my neice Brenda will go, my other niece will drop in for an overnighter & maybe my nephew will drop in as well.

I'm going to take the laptop so hopefully i'll post some pictures and updates. well off to sewing room & put some dinner in the crock pot. I'm thinking some chicken parma tonight, better get the sauce in the pot to cook all day.