Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sewing organization Part One

Well lets get this party started on organizing your sewing/quilting room. Going to Start with magazines. 1st go around and gather up all of your quilting/sewing related magazines. Start thumbing thru them and tear out all of the patterns/quilts you want to make or articles you want to keep. Or make copies of them if you choose that route. The leftover magazines put in a recycling bin, give to senior citizen place, or give to your fellow quilters at your next guild meeting. Make sure you get rid of them no longer then one week. They have recycling bins all over you can throw them into, DON'T keep them any longer then a week. Or if all of the magazines is intact sell them & pay for your next subscription. Then take a regular 3 ring binders and some plastic sleeves (aka binder pockets), place all of the article/patterns you want to keep in those. Make sure the plastic sleeves have 3 holes to match the 3 ring binders. Now to save space use a plastic sleeve to hold 2 patterns, just put them back to back with the picture of the quilt on part facing out. If you have applique pieces or pattern parts, & they go to two different quilts, make copies for one of them. Then put them in the binders for safe keeping. My binders are sorted by, applique quilts, how to ( techniques), machine quilting, and so on. So when I need something I can find it quicker then trying to remember what magazine I saw it in, saves a ton of time. You can purchase your binders, plastic sleeves at walmart, office supply place, dollar stores, ebay or just about anywhere. They come in such fun colors now.

Now if you can't just part with those magazines, you need to get some type of storage system going on to keep it all nice and tidy. I recommend either making your own or buying Magazine files. Now I'm all for recycling if you can so here are a couple links to make your own, heck you can paint them, wallpaper them, contact paper them or glue fabric on them. , here is another one or try this one none of those fit your fancy, just google making your own magazine file. After you get those ready or bought then put your magazines together by the type example: Quick quilting, mccalls patchwork, fons and porter etc. The find a spot to put them on a shelf. When organizing and not having a lot of space always look up along your walls with shelves, great way to keep stuff off the floor, looks nicer and you can always see what you have. Now the key here is limiting yourself to a certain amount of binders or magazine files. Seriously think of a number and stick to it. In our lifetime are we really going to make them all, nope didn't think so but you can always go back pull the ones that don't work for you and replace them with new ones from time to time. You need to keep it manageable size otherwise you will so overwhelmed & that is when the you get piles of stuff laying around.

While going thru your magazines keep these things in mind to help sort them: Is this something I'm really going to make? why do I like this? Do I have a duplicate pattern or article? Do i have the room to keep it all? This is cute but will I really use or make it within the next 3 years?

One gal told me she after the magazines come she keeps them less then a month, then rips out the things she wants to keep and recycles the magazine. She said the stress of all of the magazines laying around gets her stressed out, unproductive and lazy.

Okay will post another part come Monday. You have 4 days to get this part completed. After you done that sit back and relax. Remember just have fun with it~~ don't forget to post a link on your blog so you can be put in a drawing for something.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Organizing your sewing room

We started talking on ohioquilters yahoo group about our sewing rooms, which really got me to thinking a lot about mine plus organizing them. I love to go in and organize things, for some people it is overwhelming to get rid of things, organize them, fun to see what you find, plus emotional. One gal is having a hard time getting motivated to get started, which I can so understand. So I decided to have a little fun here too. I'm going to post what we are to work on for the next two days into organizing your sewing room no matter the size. If you post me a comment with a before/after picture if you can on your blog, a link to where it is at. I'll put you in a drawing for some charms, fat quarters or pattern. I'll do this weekly on here. I'm also in need of doing some straightening up myself. I'll start this tomorrow. Some things you can do in a day or some may take a couple of days. Just remember to have fun with it~~

Monday, January 12, 2009

What a life~~~ I want it!!

Don't I wish I had her life. I laid out some rows of my rag quilt I'm working on well went off to fold some laundry, put some more in the washer, came back , look what I saw~~

I guess after Miz Night Vision after messing up my layout, she decided to take a nap. What a life, just all fun & games to her. I want it, no more laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, or mopping the floors. Hopefully once I get a few more things done I'll cut out some more 6" squares and do some more rows completed. I was hoping to get it done this past weekend but I got some books in the mail, so I made a pot of soup, baked a pie & yeast rolls, then laid around the living room reading a whole book. I hadn't done that for a long time, felt kinda good. So today I thought I better get caught up laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, did some dishes, and some cleaning on the bathroom. I still haven't figured out how a house with 3 guys ( two boys & one man) can't seem to keep a tolet clean, I mean it isn't like the hole is only a couple inches round to pee in, geesh. I think I'll go back to put the cleaner in the bowl so next time they have to go they can clean the darn thing, LOL.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Back to Sewing

Well I started on the blue rag quilt, I sewed 3 strips of 13. Each square is 6" wide, doing 13 squares across to get one strip. Not sure on how long just yet, going to play it by ear so to speak. I cut out 100 batting squares so far, but should go thru them pretty quickly. The weather man is calling for freezing rain, rain all this weekend so hopefully will get it completed to take to the laundry mat to wash & dry on Monday. I don't think I want to deal with all strings with my washer/dryer here at home. I don't know if I like sewing flannel yet, pretty slippery stuff. Having to pin it to keep in place is a pain in the butt. I believe I'll do a checker board style pattern. the dark blue playing off the white is pretty contrast, using variegated blue thread to sew the X in the middle. The light blue is pretty as the backing. I forgot I had that light blue paisley, found it looking in my stash of flannels. Wonder what else I've got in my stash, LOL.

Here is a picture of the fabric I'm using. I tried to find some other blue to use but couldn't find the right shade so settled on white, which does make it pop in blue color.

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Winner is~~~

Well the winner is........................Shasta!!! Congrats and thanks for the answers.

The kids are finally back in school, husband back to work after being on vacation, I've got the whole house to myself again. Yea!!! Could almost do cartwheels in celebration but hadn't done that in 20 years, if I tried I might hurt myself or someone in the process.

Had a wonderful lunch today, went to a cool Mexican place, got together with a couple girlfriends to discuss the upcoming OhioQuilters Sit & Sew Retreat. They have been wonderful helpers to me with this great quilt retreat. I know it will be here before I know it. So many things to do. We picked out a simple yet all level skill mystery quilt, a rag jacket, fat quarter bingo, and waiting on one gal to get back to me about doing a purse. These are all optional which is nice, you can do what you want there.

Got about 100 pieces of warm & natural batting cut out for my rag quilt, hah finally in the mood I think. Tomorrow while doing laundry ( i still wonder where all it comes from) I'll cut out the blue paisley & white, hopefully will get the back done as well. Then let the sewing begin!!! Watch out it is going to very cold in Ohio if you know what I mean, :o) I'll be sewing. I thought about using some decorative stitching in the X part of the square but once that thought came in my lil head, then it screamed are you nuts do you know how much thread that would use, let alone the time, LOL. I guess when I start you'll find out what I decided. I think it would be a pretty added touch hhhmmmmmm.................... I do have a lot of blue thread, just sitting there on my shelf.