Monday, January 19, 2009

Organizing your sewing room

We started talking on ohioquilters yahoo group about our sewing rooms, which really got me to thinking a lot about mine plus organizing them. I love to go in and organize things, for some people it is overwhelming to get rid of things, organize them, fun to see what you find, plus emotional. One gal is having a hard time getting motivated to get started, which I can so understand. So I decided to have a little fun here too. I'm going to post what we are to work on for the next two days into organizing your sewing room no matter the size. If you post me a comment with a before/after picture if you can on your blog, a link to where it is at. I'll put you in a drawing for some charms, fat quarters or pattern. I'll do this weekly on here. I'm also in need of doing some straightening up myself. I'll start this tomorrow. Some things you can do in a day or some may take a couple of days. Just remember to have fun with it~~

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Nancy said...

Yippee!! I love sewing in my new reorganized room...

Here is the link -