Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mystery Cutting steps

Here is the cutting instructions to start the first step which will come late tomorrow or saturday. I'm putting the cutting instructions for each step to make things a little easier to keep up. So you don't get confused and neither do I.

Strips are cut across the width of the fabric, making them about 42" long ( after you remove the salvage)

Fabric #1 ( Light)
cut 10 2 1/2" strips
Fabric #2 (Medium or 2nd accent piece)
cut 14 2 1/2 strips
Fabric #3 ( accent fabric or dark)
cut 2 6 1/2 strips then cut these into 32 Pieces that measure 2 1/2 x 6 1/2"

If your doing scrappy you will have to wait to cut and piece your strips/squares when we start piecing. Which is the next step. But a hint in fabrics one and two if your doing scrappy break out your 2 1/2 squares. :-)

Enjoy your evening~~~Remember to put your name in a comment section.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Online Mystery Quilt

I'm doing an online mystery quilt for the ohioquilters group so I decided I'd post it here as well for those who want to join in. The quilt will measure 88x88" in size. You can do this scrappy following dark/medium/light in colors or 2-3 coordinating fabrics. Here is the beginning of the mystery. I'll be posting the steps starting late friday/early saturday. Then the on Friday the following week until it is done. If you keep up you can have a quilt top done by the end of January!! What a start on the 2011 year!!! This would also be a jump start on a gift for someone too.
Here is the first part:

2 Yards of Light ( Background, neutrals, light in colors.) #1 fabric
1 1/2 yards ( 2nd accent Like a medium colored in fabric) #2 Fabric
2 3/4 yards ( Focus Fabric I'm using a dark colored) #3 Fabric
3 1/2 yards ( Primary Accent, this is what is used as the outer border, you can wait till end to match it if you'd) #4 fabric

Now I'm doing it somewhat scrappy, controlled scrappy is what I call it. I'm using tan as my background, the focus fabric I'm using the dark colored like black or navy , and the other fabric I'll mix in some green, red and gold all in Kansas Troubles Fabric. I've got a ton of this in my stash that is one of my goals is to used up a lot of it in the upcoming year. Since i've got a lot, I mean a lot of scraps I need to reduce.

If you post on here your following along, I'm going to have a drawing end of next week for those who are participating. Plus if you have friends join in and mention your name in the comment section you'll get an extra name put in my jar to have my son pull out a winner. Come in and join in the fun~~~

Monday, December 27, 2010

Last post of the year

Well it has been almost 2 months since I posted last of the year. This year has flown by with get togethers with amazing friends, retreats, fabric shopping and quilt shows. Well since my last post I was involved with a great nine patch Kansas trouble fabric only swap. We swapped out nine patches with only Kansas troubles fabric, great way for us to use up our scraps, Lord knows I need that done so I can make room for more. So ended up with over 60 some 6" blocks, of all colors mixed in with tans/creams. They are sooo pretty. So I think I'm going to put them on point with some tan squares in between the blocks. Not sure on the border yet, was thinking of doing a scrappy saw tooth border but we will see. I'm working now on a sampler style quilt for my sister she is wanting a lap quilt. Hopefully I can get that done next week. :-)

Christmas has came & went, now onto the new year. I'm debating on doing a list of things to get completed this year or goals. There is always so much I'd like to get done, and I work better off of a list. I'm already planning on a few get aways with the girls, going to the knoxville quilt show again, not sure what else. I'm trying to nail down a place to go for vacation with the family, not sure where yet. I may make up two lists, one for the home ( honey do's, what I want done etc.) and one for sewing/quilting ( sewing room, quilts to complete, some primitive items made for the home etc)

Happy New Year everyone~~~ I wish you lots of happiness, love, friendship, kindness, tons of fabric, and lots of quilting time.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Awesome Christian Concert

Last night was awesome~~~ My son Caleb & I went to Make a difference Tour over in Dayton, Ohio. It was one of the best concerts. Started out with Jason Gray he done an acoustic set which lasted around 20 minutes, then Toby Mac came on and we danced, jumped, waved our arms for over 45 minutes straight. Toby was very entertaining to watch. Then Next thing we knew lights went up in the middle of the arena there stood the lead singer of Third day (Mac Powell) and Michael W. Smith singing. They were keeping us focused while moving the sets around. Then Toby comes up as well. Michael is singing by his self. Third day comes on and rocks the house with some southern rock Christian style. They played also around 45 or more minutes. We were singing, praising God, dancing and feeling the spirit. Max Lucado also spoke while the were in the middle of arena, and he along with world vision came on while Michael W. Smith's set was being set up. Michael Came on & boy if you didn't feel the spirit then, you better get yourself closer to God, cause at one point almost everyone was lifting there arms praising God or tears coming down their faces. Finally All of the singers came on to sing together How Great is our God!! It was an awesome night. There is nothing like a good Christian concert to get your heart singing. I recommend it to everyone.

Oh back to quilting.... I've got two quilts to get on miz gracie next week and start on Christmas goodies for the craft mall.

God Bless you all~~~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tackled the Sewing Room

Today I tackled the sewing room( aka the lil garage) after church. What a way to spend the afternoon away. Turned up the radio, and away I went. I've been such a slob lately since I've had 6 retreats, working on things for craft mall ( check out my booth if you near chillicothe, Ohio @ Chillicothe Craft Mall, sorry couldn't resist the plug.), plus helping my dad with 2 huge yard sales. Did I mention my family everyday life, nope, well enough said on that...cause you all know how family life can cut into your sewing time. Oh plus things going on with Church..

I cleaned off my crafting table first, then put away all of my fabrics, blocks, patterns and sewing stuff that has been piling up on my tables and shelves. I had my sweet husband put up a new design wall. ( well the old flannel tablecloth had seen better days.) He also brought out the shop vac from the big garage so I can sweep the concrete floor, suck up those pesky cob webs, I mean I know it is halloween time in all but I wasn't decorating with them on purpose. I wiped off all of the tables, sewing machine(s), even cleaned off miz gracie as well. I did get a pile of "it is out of here" stuff to bring to my family's quilt meeting on Sunday. Hopefully they will take most of it off my hands.

Tomorrow is going to be such a joy to head back to the sewing room, to quilt out a couple quilts for a couple of people. Plus I'm going to start some new primitive ornaments as well..

Anyone else doing a clean up in there sewing rooms??? Or do you even bother?? LOL

Many Blessings to you~~~~

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Retreat of the Year

I'm finally back from the last retreat of the year. Had such a fun time. The weather was beautiful the leaves has started turning, so the backdrop of our retreat was wonderful. We had lots of interesting conversation and laughter, which all started with our steak(s) dinner on Thursday & lasted all weekend long. Some one evened got their sewing machine tolet papered!!! Nothing like fun with great friends. I even got some sewing time in. I completed a sampler Kansas Troubles quilt, a small wallhanging, and a purse. Plus sewed up some blocks too.

My friend Bianca completed the Ohioquilters yahoo group's BOM the picture is on her blog here . I just love those color she used, which would look great in my home. :)

Now it is time to get started on christmas gifts which will be here before we know it. I'm not sure what I'll be making yet. LOL.

Off to make some homemade vegetable soup to have this weekend. I've got to make some homemade cornbread to take to a weiny roast tomorrow night. Someone is bring homemade beans/ham, smores, hot dogs/sauce, cookies, chips, and more. Should be fun, one of the best things about fall is the cool air, sitting around a fire & enjoying friends/family.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Happy Fall & take time 4 U~~

Well I believe Fall is just about here, been in the mid forties in the am and low 70's in the afternoons.. I just love fall all of the beautiful colors, so rich looking. I'm not much into Halloween but more in to the autumn of pumpkins, indian corn, mums and all of the colors of the leaves. But it is a reminder Christmas is right around the corner... oh the very thought of that don't do much for the spirit. I think I'll just enjoy day by day here.
Well finished a friends quilt for her, which is very pretty. She made for a friend whose husband was killed in a fishing accident. I hope it brings her much comfort.

I'm heading to my last quilt retreat a year, hhmmm lets see that makes 5 I went to this year. I'm so blessed to have a wonderful husband/family that truely understands my need to have a relaxing weekend with some great ladies. I know Clyde says I come back home more relaxed. I've only have 4 next year scheduled so far, but next year isn't here yet, LOL.I packed all of my projects to work on while I'm there, wonder how many I'll get done. I always over pack but you never know what you might want to work on or in the mood for. We are going to be roasting marshmallows & making smores in the fire place they have, already have the menu's worked out, some yummy chili & fixins one night. Another night Italian Sausages & fixins for it as well. Not including the desserts or the snacks we all bring way to many. One thing with this group we can cook, no ones goes away hungry. Oh did I mention the breakfast meals one of the gals make, they are 5 star all the way. We so pamper ourselves there. :) But we all deserve to be pampered every now and then right? I know we do, we are wives, mothers, sisters, and care takers. Life is too short to put ourselves on the bottom of the list all the time. If you haven't moved yourself up to the top then do so!!! You deserve it. God made you special too and worth while to be #1 on the list. I'm sure God has you #1 on his list, and if you are good enough for God then your good enough to do that for yourself. God wants you to enjoy life, just don't be selfish about it. ;-) So take some time out for you and do so by honoring him as well. He will truely bless you~~
Have a great weekend everyone.
Many Blessing to you

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall is coming


Even thought it is near the 90's today fall is coming, the leaves are turning early & was remind by Clyde Deer season is this saturday... Can you hear the joy in my voice, LOL.

Here are some things I made up this week that went to the local craft mall to sell I hope. Fall gets me in the sewing mood that is for sure. I have one retreat left this year which should be lots of fun, then off to christmas time. I found a couple of cool patterns to start some new quilts I bookmarked. I'm seriously considering getting back into selling on ebay/etsy and do some shows, I found out this past weekend I miss it. I think I miss the talking with people, so I stayed up late last night looking online for some great shows here in Ohio. If know of any give me a buzz. I love ones with true primitives, handmade stuff, not import stuff. Off to reorganize a couple things in my sewing room and get some pillows made up to sell.. Have a great day & let me know what you think of the punkin heads.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Great Secret Sister & pumpkins

I just had to post what my sweet secret sister sent me in the past two weeks. This is such a great group ladies, plus we all love KT Fabrics. Mine has spoiled me this month~~~Nothing like a Jelly roll that will cheer any person up. Then she really out did herself with a pincushion plus the "booklet" that holds thread, needles and things. How cute is that!!! My husband made the comment " now you can stop putting the needles in the sofa arm" too funny. I hope the girl I send to likes hers as well. I always worry about stuff like that.

Here is a picture of the latest wallhanging I made. I love sitting and doing buttonhole stitchin while relaxing. Just so easy and give it a nice touch. This baby will be going up for sale as soon as i finish quilting it out. Any takers??? She is selling for $60.00, very big in size 44"x24". I love those pumpkins so primitive.

Have a great weekend, fall will be here before we know it.

Monday, August 30, 2010

School has begun

Another school year has begun, just glad is is not me... My baby Caleb is starting big ole 7th grade, so far he loves it, now I'll be asking him that question around April of next year and see what he says then... One good thing with Caleb in school, Clyde at work, I can finally get my routine back. I'm hoping to squeeze in going to the YMCA to hop on some machines to help get my AC1 back down & lose some more "baby weight" ( I call it that cause I didn't get like this till I had kids, it is all their fault I tell you!!!) finish up my house work in the am to leave the afternoons for sewing/quilting/rug hooking/doll making or whatever I want to play with in my sewing room. Things just run a little more smoother when they are gone for the day, plus then I can spend the evenings with them doing fun stuff.

I've been busy here canning dill and garlic dill pickles. Plus salsa & tomato juice here at the home front. I'm pretty much done with that project, Yea me!!!. It sure does help out on our grocery bill, we go through a lot of salsa/chips, soups in the winter time, Now if I could just find a way to get me some microwaved or regular popcorn cheaper, I'd be set for winter, let the snow fly!! I started baking some breads ( banana today) to freeze for the winter time, plus I'm getting me a new upright freezer next week, I'm so excited~~. Next week we'll be shredding some more zucchini for breads and cookies.

Since Christmas will be here before we know it, I'd better get started on some sewing/quilting just not sure what yet. I'm soo last minute. Anyone gotten started on Christmas gifts yet??

Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Weekend, yep another Retreat~~

Yep you read it right another retreat.... Gosh they are so addicting but I guess when you have such a great group of gals, wonderful cooks, lots of laughter, throw in some shopping and some sewing, how could you not want to go on every one you can... I just love all of the sharing we do, plus getting in some major sewing time. Having "Girl" time is so important I think especially now with everyone so busy anymore. Got to make time for yourself, plus just being around some wonderful people makes a big difference. A few girls couldn't make it one was having a major tooth pulled, and one other (I'm assuming) had family stuff come up, they were missed but hopefully can make it to the next one. Everyone seemed to be extemely relaxed, less stressed and the overall atmosphere was great.
I did sew 3 table runners, 18 sets of 4 coasters, bound 2 wallhangings, cut out one more wallhanging, and started another purse. Now we did a little bit of shopping I was a good girl only purchased 10 yards of muslin, 8 yards of fabric, a couple of pictures and a couple of autumn style ornaments.
I think today I'll quilt out those table runners and get them bound so I can put them in the craft mall ( BTW if your in Chillicothe, I'm in the craft mall on high street, very nice one, I'm in the first row.).
Can't wait for my last one of the year which will be in October, then start getting ready for 2011 ones!!!
Well Laundry is calling my name, man I need a maid so I can sew more, LOL.
Many blessings to you all..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

School Supplies!!! yea~~~

Who doesn't like to see shelves filled with new school supplies at some wonderful prices??? Me, Me, and Me~~~ I was always like a magnet with school or office supplies.
Well after visiting Wal Greens today getting some good deals on school supplies for Caleb PLUS getting some for me as well. Nope not going back to school but to use in my quilt room.
Great deals on the following at area stores.
Binders great colors to use to store patterns, magazine patterns ( cut out and throw/donate the rest of the magazine), or articles. Plus a lot of the sleeves to put them in on sale as well.
Mechanical Pencils Yep a whole package for $1.00 great to use in the sewing room.
Glue Sticks - nothing like the washable glue sticks for Paper piecing.
Tracing paper to use for paper piecing and applique pieces as well.
Paper nothing like stocking up so you can print out those great patterns/articles on the web, then stash them in the binder you just bought
Calculators some in great flashy color that scream you, to do those math/measurement problems.
Notebooks nothing like using them to write your dream quilts to do, make a list of the books you have so you can make sure you don't buy another one. How many of us have done that.. plus they come in some neat designs/colors/sizes. I know one gal glues snippets of fabric in a small notebook to keep with her in case she finds something to go with it..
Post it Pads great for marking magazine patterns/ideas you want to go back through, or on in a book, or to use on tops to make their measurements so you don't forget.
Dry Erase Boards great to use to doodle machine quilting designs.
Totes great time to find some cool colors to store projects in, fabric, and lots more.
Labeling Gun label those totes and binders so you can quickly find that project.
File Boxes use to store patterns in there under purses/applique/seasons etc.

Am I missing any more???? Any other ideas???

Please feel free to share them, I'd love to hear some more...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playing in the sewing room

Well been piddling out in the sewing room. I'm getting back to sewing and dollmaking. I hate being in a slump. Since I got a booth at the local craft mall, mostly to get my creative juices flowing & get me back into dollmaking. I miss the creativity of it all. Plus after going to the quilt show really give me the umph to sew....
So here is something I finished up today. I thought she turned out kinda cut. The quilt picture is one of the kits I bought in Tennessee, cut out and sewed together in a couple of days. I made this for my husband Clyde as a thank you for letting me have a week with some wonderful gals at the quilt shows. Now I just need to quilt it for him. This is the 3rd or 4th deer quilt I've made him. He loves to hunt deer. I'm lucky to have such a supportive husband, truely blessed.
Wonder what else I can get into later today before church tonight since dinner is in the crockpot. I love my crockpot, such a time saver especially when I'd rather sew something. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home From AQS Knoxville show

Got home early Evening yesterday from the AQS Show in Knoxville, Tenn. Had such a wonderful time spending with friends, sewing, going to some local quilt shows, and the Quilt show as well.
So lets start with the AQS Show. Very nice show, nicely put together. Lots of different type of vendors, would have like to seen some different designers or quilt pattern companies. I'd like to see some of the shops lower some of their prices as well. Yardages were around $9.00- $10.00, fat quarters were around $2.50,not a lot of "deals" going on. I like going to a quilt show trying to find something different, a deal or maybe see a sample and think "wow" I gotta have it. Which I did have a couple of "wow" moments but they were sold outta of the kits, on the first day!! Which shows they had some great samples made up. There was a great variety of quilts on display.There was a lot of "bling" on the them, but my heart tugs on the traditional quilts. I do wonder where the ones that are hand quilted, with a spin on a traditional blocks. I do get tired of the contempory ones. I can respect them, enjoy the creativity, and appreciate them but they don't make me want to make them.
The area quilt shops around seiverville / pigeon forge area was fun. We stopped at machine quilting by Iva. Very nice shop, friendly staff, great selection, and very clean. Lots of patterns, not a whole lot of books ( but I'm not a book person so didn't bother me), lots of purse books, and nice selection of different kinds of fabrics. Now they do have a dog in there to greet you. The gals were nice/friendly and lots of help. Lots of nooks and crannies to check out. Would go back in a heart beat.
Stopped in to Pappy's Quilt Shop in Marysville. Worth the drive. Very opened area, clean, lots of selections. Like the type of fabric grouped together. ( 30's, kansas troubles, black/whites), not too much on machine quilting thread, no biggie there. Nice selection of samples to drool over. Have a indoor/outdoor gray cat there, so just a note on that.Prices on fabric were very nice $8.00 and up. Some great strips they did themselves. The owner was there and was very friendly and her staff was fun and helpful. Really like it.
The other one is the Cherry Pit down in Seiverville. I have this in my Quilt Sampler so was excited to visit it. They had some wonderful samplers, great fat quarter selection. Hardly any thread just one kind. Different selection of fabric. I wasn't very thrilled with the staff, seemed kinda snobbish in a way, which might have been because they were a little busy. One gal wanted to take a picture of the shop, & the one gal said NO, almost in a harsh tone which I felt embarresed the gal with the camera. Then the lady went on in a very harsh tone, we don't let anyone take pictures unless you buy a kit & you take a picture of that only. After that I was ready to go. I did however buy some oranges for pumpkins. Their prices were on the $9.00 plus end. I don't know if I would return there or not, maybe change my mind in another setting or if wasn't busy. wait and see on that one.
I know I had a great time overall..... can't wait to go next year I hope to asked back. :)
will post more later.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arrived in Tennessee

So much has happened since I last posted. Let's see, I had a quilt retreat at the beginning of May with a bunch of wonderful gals from the Ohioquilters yahoo group. Shopped until we dropped at some great quilt shops, ate some wonderful food from some good restaurants ( plus our caterer we had at the hotel), laughed until we almost cried ( well maybe I had some tears in my eyes a few times) and just sewed our behinds off. I just love that retreat, nothing like it.
Then school ended for my youngest Caleb, he is moving on to the 7th grade. Yea him ended on the A/B honor roll. So I'm a very proud mom.
As you all know my step mom passed away in February, then my brother in law passed away at the end of May.
I've been helping my Dad go through all of my late step mom's sewing/crafting room, he decided he wanted to yard sale everything since he has no use for it. So down into the basement we go. Many days & tons of totes/cabinets/drawers/boxes later the yard sale finally arrived July 9 & 10th. After two days of bringing things up from the basement, out of the closets & cupboards it arrived. Just to give you an Idea of a portion of what we were dealing with, We ended up just in fabric 6 - six foot tables of nothing but fabric stacked up to my chest ( I'm 5'3")3 tables filled with assorted craft supplies from cross stitching, floral, dollmaking and tole painting. I won't even tell you about the books or Christmas items. My dad was very please with the outcome & so was I.
So after that is all said and done I leave with a friend to Seiverville, Tennessee on Monday. Had great traveling weather & traffic. Had to stop at a cracker barrel for some lunch, nothing like starting a vacation with either good food or a quilt shop. Unpacked my van with all of my stuff for the week & looking forward to the Knoxville AQS show come Wednesday. One of the funny things as I'm unpacking I run into a group of gals from Mt. Sterling here at the Condos we staying at.
Today heading over to Holloway Quilts, lunch & maybe the pattern place near the old mill. I'll keep you posted, hopefully I can upload some pictures if I can figure out how to do it directly to the computer without the card reader.
Pray for good weather and good times.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Retreat Next Week!!

Retreat is Next week!!! Yea Me!!! I can't wait, have so much fun with some awesome ladies. We laugh, tease each other, share stories some with way too much information, LOL, eat some great food, oh yea even sew a stitch or two. I'm not sure what I'm bringing to work on for 3 wonderful days. I've got 2 quilts machine quilted out ready for binding to be put on, one quilt for downy's project, so I'm hoping to get another couple machine quilted so I can finish them up. I think I'll make another buckeye quilt, maybe bring some totes to finish up, not sure what else.. I always overpack, I don't think I'm alone with that problem.
I believe every quilter needs to go to a fun retreat, you just have so much fun, plus you get uninterupted sewing. You just never know who you might find a lasting friendship with that could last a life time.
I think the hardest part is figuring out what to take to sew on, plus not forgetting something. If it wasn't for my list making I'd forget so much. one time I forgot to pack socks, so I got new ones, I forgot to put my shirts in my van, so I had to get new ones cause I don't think I could wear the same one for the whole retreat. I guess there was silver lining in those "forgets". The sewing stuff was more important then clothes anyway right??? LOL
Well off to machine quilt some before I get me an hour massage today, love those makes my day, great way to start off the weekend!!!
God Bless

Monday, April 19, 2010

Beautiful April

This has been such a beautiful month, my lilac bush is blooming, along with my tulips. Spring is here~~
Been crazy too, still going thru the my step moms stuff, lots of stuff is all I can say. Hopefully got through all of the fabric, now to start on the craft stuff, thread, and the rest of the sewing stuff. Glad dad is going to handle all of the wood stuff.
I'm getting ready for the Ohio quilters Annual Retreat next week. It is such a wonderful time spent with some great ladies, awesome food, time to just sew, relax and view some of God's Beautiful Country side. Trying to get all of the stuff I bring since I head it up, plus get all of my stuff cut out & ready to see. Saves so much time. I place all of them in huge ziploc bags with the patterns or in a plastic container. I usually take around 4 or so, incase I get bored. How many do you usually take?? curious minds want to know. I also have a check off list which makes things so much easier, plus I don't forget anything.
I still need to decide on what to bring for snackin?? Any ideas??? I love to try new recipes. especially quick & easy but oh so tasty.
Oh an update on my "babies" (kittens) they are doing so wonderful. They are all starting to walk & play with each other. I have one that is super vocal, one that is shy, and two that love to play with each other. I'll have to get an updated picture on here.
Have a great day...

Beautiful April

Monday, April 05, 2010

April is here

Spring I believe is here, have some tulips getting ready to bloom, daffodils are blooming, the birds are singing plus the spring peepers are peeping. I'll be leaving the end of the month for the annual Berlin, Ohio Quilt Retreat. It is so much fun reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones. Veggin' out just sewing, yacking, eating and tons of laughing. I already started my list of things to bring.

Been cleaning the basement for my dad of my step mom's craft/sewing stuff. All I can say I hope I don't leave Clyde with so much stuff to go through. I went through around 4 1/2 totes of nothing but fabric, counted 14 more to go, not including the rest of the craft stuff. Gonna take a few days to just go thru the fabric. It has been kinda fun listening and talking with Dad so it so worth the time being spent.

The kitten are growing, one has one eye opened, they are sooo cute~~~ Going to be hard to give them away.

Easter was awesome, I love sunrise service, just a wonderful time. It is such a great time of the year to be reminded what Jesus has done for us, and to give thanks to him for every blessing he gives each and one of us.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New babies & new bag~~~

We got new kittens born on Palm Sunday, how cool is that!!! We had a stray cat that was dropped off, we needless to say she got pregnant very quickly. Saturday she came into my sewing room ( which BTW is a converted garage) looking all over the place, figured she was looking for a safe spot for her babies. So I got a box, put in some scrap batting, got some food/water/litter box all set up for her. Locked her in, checked on her before church on sunday, 2 were born, by 4 o'clock Sunday 3 more. She is such a good mommy. I put the box under my sewing table with some fabric to make it look like they are hiding. :) Now I've got to find good parents for them when the time is right, then off to get her fixed, no more kittens for us, we have enough stray cats as it is. So I'll do as bob barker says "get your pets spayed/neutered". LOL.

Today I decide to piddle around in the sewing room. Slowly getting ready for the big OhioQuilters retreat come May. Then boom, got distracted~~~ doesn't take much for me, LOL. So I made me a new wonder wallet, my old one was wearing out. I'm sure Clyde would say it due to my credit cards and money in that thing straining the seams, hehehe. I'm going to make another one just to put those store cards that you need to pull out to get points etc on. I hate trying to find them in my purse. Then I made a new what I'm using for a makeup bag. My other one needed replaced. I had a pattern from This & That, which I loved, so I sewed it up pretty quickly. I used some of my Kansas trouble scraps, and tweaked it a little bit. I really liked how it turned out, very easy to follow instructions which I appreciate. I'm such a visual person when it comes to putting something together.

Off to finish dinner and throw another load of towels in the washer~~~

Friday, March 26, 2010

March Long Month

March was one long month. Usually a pretty good month, love to see spring peaking through the ground, making me want to get out my flower/gardening magazines to see what flowers I want to order.

Well my step mom passed away after a long battle with cancer towards the end of February. One good thing is I got to see such a tender side of my Dad taking care of her in the last week of her life. He stayed by her side, and wouldn't let anyone else take care of her, was just beautiful. She got saved before her time here on Earth was gone, God is so Good.

Next I celebrated my 40th Birthday. Clyde got me a new Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer, silver in color. I told him black or silver back during Christmas. I just love that baby, making homemade noodles is so worth the money with it!!! I can't say enough about it, cookies are a dream, mixes very nicely. So now on the prowl to find attachments. :-) I definitely want the one to strain vegetables so I can make some tomato juice this summer. Needless to say he got an Atta boy award for it!!! Remember Happy Wife = Happy life!!! Well the fun stopped after that, had to do the 40 yr old mammogram, already had some before that so no biggy. So I thought~~ They found some clusters of cells that wasn't there in 2008 mammogram. Guess what got to experience my first biopsy. I will say this avoid it all possible. Wasn't' too bad actually, the two worst things is laying on your stomach for the whole procedure the other 1st initial "stick" to numb it, other then that was fine. I did get the results, all negative!! Praise God for it!!! So girls be sure to get your annual checkups, because you only get one pair. Unless you trade your old pair for a new pair!!!

I'll post tomorrow about the retreat I went to later, was such a blast & made a top plus a purse!!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Got snow?? I do~~

Well we got hit here in southern ohio about 7 or so inches of snow between friday and saturday. It is so pretty. Makes me want to stay in put some homemade soup on the stove and sew all day which is what i've been doing. I have over 1/2 of my 24 blocks completed for a top except the boarders. So atleast some good is coming out of it. Our pastor Rich stopped over and helped plow our driveway which helped out a lot. Got some paths shoveled out to the garages, chicken coop and birdfeeder. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Suppose to be another snow front come in around Tuesday maybe i'll get some more sewing done. I think I'll work on the Ohioquilters Retreat Stuff since I"m getting the application and monies in, finalize some of the rooming list and then hit the waiting list. But I may not have to this year which I guess is a good thing. I must be doing something right if I have people coming back every year. I'm on my 10th year doing this & having a blast. Can't wait until May nothing like good friends, laughter, good food, sewing till your hearts content, sharing, and shopping~~ yep perfect Quilters weekend, not to forget the setting in the heart of Amish country in Ohio~~~ Stay warm everyone & be sure to share some kindness with someone. Kindness goes a long way.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

February BOM

Well here is the block I picked out for February. it is called Rosebud, how fitting for the "love" month. Now when you pick out your fabric for this block you can go 2 ways. (1) you can use 2 color fabrics OR (2) Use 3 color fabrics, like I did, i mostly picked 3 colors because I was thinking of a flower bud.
Still doing a 12" finished Block
Out of the Light fabric cut 2 squares size 6 7/8" and cut 6 squares size 2 7/8". **** Please note when I do triangles I bump up the next size because I have a problem with my triangles coming out right, then once they are sewn I trim them. Use your own way***
Our of the dark/Medium fabric cut 2 squares 4 7/8" and 4 squares 2 7/8". **** Now if your doing a 3 color ways which is what mine is done in the 4 squares need to be of a lighter color***
Take your light/dark 2 7/8" squares, put them RST (right sides together) mark a line from one point to another, you will have 2 extra light squares, set those aside.

you will sew 1/4" down both sides of the line you marked, cut those in half to get 1/2 square triangles. You will have 8 sets, Press and cut off the dog ears.

Now take the remainder of all of your squares and cut in 1/2 to form triangles. ( yes all of them all light dark/medium)Take the four light small triangles and sew them as posted in the pictures. press and trim.

then take the 4 7/8" dark/medium triangles and sew them to the smaller triangles. press and trim. Check out the pictures.

Take the large light triangles and sew them onto the "bud" to get a "block". You Should have four of
them. Then sew the four "blocks" to make one large block as scene in the picture. I hope you like this block, Next month promise no triangles. LOL.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Quilt Down 3 more to go

Well finally got one of the commissioned quilts done, the top that is. Going on the frame tomorrow for quilting. It started out just 3 quilts then talked to her yesterday and she asked me to do another one. She said just when I can get them done. Yea!! So here is the green one. Sorry on it's side but you get the idea. The other one I'm finishing up is blue and white. different pattern. They are for a couple little girls, one loves green one loves blue. This was such an easy pattern with four patches and 1/2 square triangles, 12 1/2" blocks with a total of 24 blocks, a 3" inner border and a 4 1/2" outer border. Now onto piecing the blocks for the 2nd one. I'm hoping this gets me motivated to sew more this year, plus going on 4-5 retreats this year should help out!! Next retreat is March I can't wait, nothing like fun true friends, great food, and beautiful place to sew.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January BOM

Here is the January BOM. This is my first try at this so please be patient with me. Hopefully I explain it in laymens terms. Keep in mind use a scant 1/4" seam. Usually after I sew a section I measure to make sure I have that 1/4" seam.

First you will need 3 fabrics, one light, one medium, and one dark. This is great to use your scraps. It makes ONE finished 12" block.

Light fabric you will need ONE- 7 1/4" square, ONE 6 1/2" square and FOUR 3 1/2" squares cut out. Medium Fabric you will need TWO - 4 1/4" squares. Dark fabric you will need TWO - 4 1/4" squares cut out. Now the picture will say Medium but the Navy should be DARK fabric instead of MEDIUM. Sorry

Now you will need to take the 7 1/4" Light fabric and cut it into forths. Cut corner to corner to get 4 triangles. Both the Medium & Dark squares you will need to cut into forths. Cut corner to corner to get a total of 8 triangles out of each square.Next match up your Medium and Dark triangle to look like the picture. You will need to make 4 sets of each side. Make sure you trim off the "dog ears" and press them to the light side. Pressing and trimming make the blocks turn out nice.

Take your medium/dark triangles and match them up with the light triangles. Sew up one set of triangles do all four, press and trim. Then sew up the other set of triangles down the other side of the light triangles. Press and trim. Should have a total of 4 sets.

Then take 2 of the triangle sets and sew the 4 squares on the ends. Take the reminding two triangle sets and sew them along the large 6 1/2" light square.

The last part is matching the seams and sewing the block together. The blocks is called Aunt Addie's Album. I hope you like the block, it is one of my favorites. Looks like a star. Let me know what you think. Have a great day.