Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leaving Tomorrow~~~

Heading out tomorrow for retreat. I'll be leaving very early in the morning. For the most part I'm all packed. Going to cut out some things to work on for retreat and pack up all of the retreat stuff into the van tonight except my personal stuff. I'll pack all of it tomorrow before I leave out of here. I'm so looking forward in going, nice relaxing place, no cooking, lots of good food, great people, and nothing but doing what I want, LOL. Plus no kids or husband wanting you to do something or get them something. I think more women ought to do a get away more often, makes your family for one appreciate you more plus it is good for the soul. Sometimes we just need a break from everyday life and pamper ourselves. So today I'll be heading to town to finish up some last minute errands and pick up a few things. I wish the weather would be better, I"m kinda tired of rain.

Monday, April 27, 2009

3 more sleeps to go

Well it is 3 more sleeps until I leave for retreat. I still have lots to do. I still need to cut out the mystery quilt and quilt some fabric to make bags. I need to gather some things for the quilters yard sale. I haven't even made my soup yet to take and share. Going to make some taco soup, love that stuff. But I could eat soup any time of the year. Also need to make some type of dessert/snack to share as well. Not sure on what I'll bring them. Cookies are always a good thing.

I won't even pack my clothes until that morning, since I was reminded on my last post I didn't include that. I even bought some new pj's to wear, a pair of hello kitty lounge pants and a pair of new pink slippers. So all set. I need to get a couple more rechargeable batteries for my camera, hate it when they die out while during show and tell.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things for Retreat

Since I've been getting ready for retreat I thought I would share with you my list of stuff I take with me. I'm such a list maker, always afraid I'm going to forget something.

My list: sewing machine ( that is a given), sewing machine feet, machine cords, extra needles, prewound bobbins, thread, small sissors, large sissors, needle threaders, hand needles, machine sewing oil, makeup eye brush ( i use this to clean the fuzzies out of my machine) , tape measure, small filing board ( great to use for sharpening needle or filing off a burr off of a needle), pattern(s), fabric for project, flannel backed tablecloth ( use it to put my blocks on, design board), tweezers, seam ripper(s), glue stick, pin cushion, extra flower pins, applique pins, rotary cutter with extra blades, masking tape, micro pins, pencils, marking pencils, small screwdriver, extension cord, surge protector, post it notes, pencil sharpener, ott light, small iron and ironing board, a couple of rulers and cutting mat, a foot stool ( great to put my left foot on to keep the pressure off my back), snacks, thread holder, and bandaids.

So what all do you pack that isn't on my list, that i might add???

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Retreat almost here

Hard to believe I'll be leaving for the Ohio Quilters retreat in 16 days. It is so much fun. I've got a great group of ladies coming to this year. We do have so much fun. Last year was one of the best I've every hosted. It was so relaxing, no drama for once, no complaints. I love doing this but at times it becomes so emotional probable due to the fact I take too many things personal. I just want everyone to have a good time. For the past few years I've had some women I just couldn't have made them happy no matter how hard I tried. I guess they finally decided that I couldn't so they decided not to come anymore. But I didn't realize at the time until the following year, after a quite a few gals came up to me & said they were considering not coming any more because of the drama they created. Some of things I didn't even know was going on, talk about being in the dark. Which I thought was so sad to let others take away something that you enjoy. I mean to create drama that others don't even want to sit near you, how sad is that. So this year should be just as fun as last year since everyone is coming back except 4 gals who couldn't make it but are planning for 2010. We've got a rag jacket class, vera bradley style purse and a mystery quilt planned for the weekend. Not including fat quarter bingo which becomes so funny at times. If you've never been to a quilt retreat consider it, only bad thing is once you've been to a good one, you'll want to go to more. Nothing like it, I mean your food is catered in, you have endless sewing time, no time restrictions and sharing the passion that connects you to other women. Plus if you can do some shopping that is topping on the cake, LOL. How could you not like it, well I guess you could if your sitting next to a drama queen(s) that almost demand your attention constantly or whines/complains about everything. If that is the case move quick if you can, or put in some ear buds to zone them out.
ONe of the other hardest things about going to a retreat is figuring out what to bring to work on. I know I overpack too many projects, but oh well never know what tickles my fancy to work on. I haven't even started packing any projects yet!!!! Pray for me, LOL I did however get the goodie bags for the gals all ready, working later today on packing up the door prizes. Maybe once that gets done I'll start packing my own things, I hope.

Have a good day~~~