Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things for Retreat

Since I've been getting ready for retreat I thought I would share with you my list of stuff I take with me. I'm such a list maker, always afraid I'm going to forget something.

My list: sewing machine ( that is a given), sewing machine feet, machine cords, extra needles, prewound bobbins, thread, small sissors, large sissors, needle threaders, hand needles, machine sewing oil, makeup eye brush ( i use this to clean the fuzzies out of my machine) , tape measure, small filing board ( great to use for sharpening needle or filing off a burr off of a needle), pattern(s), fabric for project, flannel backed tablecloth ( use it to put my blocks on, design board), tweezers, seam ripper(s), glue stick, pin cushion, extra flower pins, applique pins, rotary cutter with extra blades, masking tape, micro pins, pencils, marking pencils, small screwdriver, extension cord, surge protector, post it notes, pencil sharpener, ott light, small iron and ironing board, a couple of rulers and cutting mat, a foot stool ( great to put my left foot on to keep the pressure off my back), snacks, thread holder, and bandaids.

So what all do you pack that isn't on my list, that i might add???

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Shasta said...

LOL - Carolyn you forgot your clothes!