Saturday, February 06, 2010

Got snow?? I do~~

Well we got hit here in southern ohio about 7 or so inches of snow between friday and saturday. It is so pretty. Makes me want to stay in put some homemade soup on the stove and sew all day which is what i've been doing. I have over 1/2 of my 24 blocks completed for a top except the boarders. So atleast some good is coming out of it. Our pastor Rich stopped over and helped plow our driveway which helped out a lot. Got some paths shoveled out to the garages, chicken coop and birdfeeder. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Suppose to be another snow front come in around Tuesday maybe i'll get some more sewing done. I think I'll work on the Ohioquilters Retreat Stuff since I"m getting the application and monies in, finalize some of the rooming list and then hit the waiting list. But I may not have to this year which I guess is a good thing. I must be doing something right if I have people coming back every year. I'm on my 10th year doing this & having a blast. Can't wait until May nothing like good friends, laughter, good food, sewing till your hearts content, sharing, and shopping~~ yep perfect Quilters weekend, not to forget the setting in the heart of Amish country in Ohio~~~ Stay warm everyone & be sure to share some kindness with someone. Kindness goes a long way.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

February BOM

Well here is the block I picked out for February. it is called Rosebud, how fitting for the "love" month. Now when you pick out your fabric for this block you can go 2 ways. (1) you can use 2 color fabrics OR (2) Use 3 color fabrics, like I did, i mostly picked 3 colors because I was thinking of a flower bud.
Still doing a 12" finished Block
Out of the Light fabric cut 2 squares size 6 7/8" and cut 6 squares size 2 7/8". **** Please note when I do triangles I bump up the next size because I have a problem with my triangles coming out right, then once they are sewn I trim them. Use your own way***
Our of the dark/Medium fabric cut 2 squares 4 7/8" and 4 squares 2 7/8". **** Now if your doing a 3 color ways which is what mine is done in the 4 squares need to be of a lighter color***
Take your light/dark 2 7/8" squares, put them RST (right sides together) mark a line from one point to another, you will have 2 extra light squares, set those aside.

you will sew 1/4" down both sides of the line you marked, cut those in half to get 1/2 square triangles. You will have 8 sets, Press and cut off the dog ears.

Now take the remainder of all of your squares and cut in 1/2 to form triangles. ( yes all of them all light dark/medium)Take the four light small triangles and sew them as posted in the pictures. press and trim.

then take the 4 7/8" dark/medium triangles and sew them to the smaller triangles. press and trim. Check out the pictures.

Take the large light triangles and sew them onto the "bud" to get a "block". You Should have four of
them. Then sew the four "blocks" to make one large block as scene in the picture. I hope you like this block, Next month promise no triangles. LOL.