Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stitchin 3" Finished Paper Pieced Blocks

 Well I'm stitchin on a lot of 3" Finished Mini Paper Pieced Blocks. I've been selling a lot of them on ebay ( id is antiques4me2) or on Etsy ( the Ole Country Quilt) and have tons of fun of them doing them. If you have never paper pieced give it a whirl it is quite fun. A friend of my the late Nancy Watson taught me years ago, and I started getting back to it. Below is a selection of some that I've been doing in Civil War Reproductions, Kansas Troubles, and 1930's reproductions fabrics. There make up into some really cute reproduction small quilts.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Been Baking & Sewing

Well I've been so busy with going on quilting retreats, my last one is next month for the week before New Years Eve. Then they start allover again come February!! Love going on retreats that is for sure.
HHmmmm lets see what else have been going on, a deer hit me and tore up the drivers side of my van, but we were ok, which is all that matters. It was a huge 8 point buck, he decided to try to come thru my windshield and lost. But my baby is back from the shop, so she is all shiny & new.
I've been baking today to get ready for our Church's bake sale. Today made up some loaves of Pumpkin bread, which it so moist and yummy~~~ probably because it is made up with butter instead of oil. This recipe after the bread cools, freezes so well. I wrap my breads up with plastic wrap, then put in a freezer bag. Good to go for 3 months, I pull them out and defrost usually the night before I need them. Don't they look beautiful!! I could have made two large loaves but I split up it up so have some smaller ones.

On a quilting note Here is a quilt I did up at the last retreat done up in civil war reproductions. I love it!! got it quilted out and now to put on the dreaded binding, but I will say with my new sewing machines (Janome 7700 ROCKS!!!) I enjoy doing it a little better. :-) This was so easy to make up. I love quilts like that. I used charms to make those four patches. Made up to a 63"x67" quilt, nice and snuggling under this winter. I love the old fashioned look.

Heading back into the sewing room and sewing up some 3" paper pieced blocks I'm selling on ebay. I sold all the ones I had on there, now to make up some new ones. My ebay id is antiques4me2.

Have a blessed day~~~