Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mystery Cutting steps

Here is the cutting instructions to start the first step which will come late tomorrow or saturday. I'm putting the cutting instructions for each step to make things a little easier to keep up. So you don't get confused and neither do I.

Strips are cut across the width of the fabric, making them about 42" long ( after you remove the salvage)

Fabric #1 ( Light)
cut 10 2 1/2" strips
Fabric #2 (Medium or 2nd accent piece)
cut 14 2 1/2 strips
Fabric #3 ( accent fabric or dark)
cut 2 6 1/2 strips then cut these into 32 Pieces that measure 2 1/2 x 6 1/2"

If your doing scrappy you will have to wait to cut and piece your strips/squares when we start piecing. Which is the next step. But a hint in fabrics one and two if your doing scrappy break out your 2 1/2 squares. :-)

Enjoy your evening~~~Remember to put your name in a comment section.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Online Mystery Quilt

I'm doing an online mystery quilt for the ohioquilters group so I decided I'd post it here as well for those who want to join in. The quilt will measure 88x88" in size. You can do this scrappy following dark/medium/light in colors or 2-3 coordinating fabrics. Here is the beginning of the mystery. I'll be posting the steps starting late friday/early saturday. Then the on Friday the following week until it is done. If you keep up you can have a quilt top done by the end of January!! What a start on the 2011 year!!! This would also be a jump start on a gift for someone too.
Here is the first part:

2 Yards of Light ( Background, neutrals, light in colors.) #1 fabric
1 1/2 yards ( 2nd accent Like a medium colored in fabric) #2 Fabric
2 3/4 yards ( Focus Fabric I'm using a dark colored) #3 Fabric
3 1/2 yards ( Primary Accent, this is what is used as the outer border, you can wait till end to match it if you'd) #4 fabric

Now I'm doing it somewhat scrappy, controlled scrappy is what I call it. I'm using tan as my background, the focus fabric I'm using the dark colored like black or navy , and the other fabric I'll mix in some green, red and gold all in Kansas Troubles Fabric. I've got a ton of this in my stash that is one of my goals is to used up a lot of it in the upcoming year. Since i've got a lot, I mean a lot of scraps I need to reduce.

If you post on here your following along, I'm going to have a drawing end of next week for those who are participating. Plus if you have friends join in and mention your name in the comment section you'll get an extra name put in my jar to have my son pull out a winner. Come in and join in the fun~~~

Monday, December 27, 2010

Last post of the year

Well it has been almost 2 months since I posted last of the year. This year has flown by with get togethers with amazing friends, retreats, fabric shopping and quilt shows. Well since my last post I was involved with a great nine patch Kansas trouble fabric only swap. We swapped out nine patches with only Kansas troubles fabric, great way for us to use up our scraps, Lord knows I need that done so I can make room for more. So ended up with over 60 some 6" blocks, of all colors mixed in with tans/creams. They are sooo pretty. So I think I'm going to put them on point with some tan squares in between the blocks. Not sure on the border yet, was thinking of doing a scrappy saw tooth border but we will see. I'm working now on a sampler style quilt for my sister she is wanting a lap quilt. Hopefully I can get that done next week. :-)

Christmas has came & went, now onto the new year. I'm debating on doing a list of things to get completed this year or goals. There is always so much I'd like to get done, and I work better off of a list. I'm already planning on a few get aways with the girls, going to the knoxville quilt show again, not sure what else. I'm trying to nail down a place to go for vacation with the family, not sure where yet. I may make up two lists, one for the home ( honey do's, what I want done etc.) and one for sewing/quilting ( sewing room, quilts to complete, some primitive items made for the home etc)

Happy New Year everyone~~~ I wish you lots of happiness, love, friendship, kindness, tons of fabric, and lots of quilting time.