Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stitchin 3" Finished Paper Pieced Blocks

 Well I'm stitchin on a lot of 3" Finished Mini Paper Pieced Blocks. I've been selling a lot of them on ebay ( id is antiques4me2) or on Etsy ( the Ole Country Quilt) and have tons of fun of them doing them. If you have never paper pieced give it a whirl it is quite fun. A friend of my the late Nancy Watson taught me years ago, and I started getting back to it. Below is a selection of some that I've been doing in Civil War Reproductions, Kansas Troubles, and 1930's reproductions fabrics. There make up into some really cute reproduction small quilts.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Been Baking & Sewing

Well I've been so busy with going on quilting retreats, my last one is next month for the week before New Years Eve. Then they start allover again come February!! Love going on retreats that is for sure.
HHmmmm lets see what else have been going on, a deer hit me and tore up the drivers side of my van, but we were ok, which is all that matters. It was a huge 8 point buck, he decided to try to come thru my windshield and lost. But my baby is back from the shop, so she is all shiny & new.
I've been baking today to get ready for our Church's bake sale. Today made up some loaves of Pumpkin bread, which it so moist and yummy~~~ probably because it is made up with butter instead of oil. This recipe after the bread cools, freezes so well. I wrap my breads up with plastic wrap, then put in a freezer bag. Good to go for 3 months, I pull them out and defrost usually the night before I need them. Don't they look beautiful!! I could have made two large loaves but I split up it up so have some smaller ones.

On a quilting note Here is a quilt I did up at the last retreat done up in civil war reproductions. I love it!! got it quilted out and now to put on the dreaded binding, but I will say with my new sewing machines (Janome 7700 ROCKS!!!) I enjoy doing it a little better. :-) This was so easy to make up. I love quilts like that. I used charms to make those four patches. Made up to a 63"x67" quilt, nice and snuggling under this winter. I love the old fashioned look.

Heading back into the sewing room and sewing up some 3" paper pieced blocks I'm selling on ebay. I sold all the ones I had on there, now to make up some new ones. My ebay id is antiques4me2.

Have a blessed day~~~

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Small Quilt Finished

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. Been such a busy summer with just life in general. Lots of sewing going on, been on a couple of quilt retreats, working in the flower bed and the garden. I did make a really small quilt for a sample in the local quilt shop ( Creation Sew Clever). I had so much fun making this quilt. The pattern is called Martin's pennies, from the book civil war legacies. Right now I'm getting ready for a yard sale and parting with lots of fabric/book/patterns and more. got to make some room for new stuff plus I'm downsizing. It is a hard thing to do but praying they go to a good home.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pink & Brown Quilt Done

Well finally I got it done. I started it at the Ohio Quilter's Retreat this past April. I got the center done there and got the piano keys all cut out. So I got around to finishing it this weekend. I wasn't sure about using the light tan with those darker browns and beautiful pinks, but I do love it. This is a pattern by Sew Unique Creations called Mother & Daughter. I can't wait to see this all quilted out with a dark chocolate binding on it. It was fun to make and very easy to do. 

Now to get started on a another little quilt to hang in my sewing room. One of my favorite books is The Civil War Sewing Circle. I'm doing the 1" across hexagon Grandmother's flower garden pattern. Using some civil war reproduction fabrics in browns/blues. I love doing some handwork while "watching" tv with the husband, and this is perfect for just that.


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Another Ohio Quilt Retreat

Here is the welcome table. Those goodie bags were filled and they were thrilled with everything inside. I had to donate a bottle of best press as a Thank You to them all for being the awesome ladies they are. And yes that is a quilt I made, I need to put on a border to frame it and quilt it out. Lots of scraps in pink, brown and blues oh creams as well.

 Sue F. winning on of the raffle items. She fell in love with this wallhanging. Kathie C told her she had the winning ticket and she did. !! Congratulations to you Sue, your an awesome woman.
I finally got home from another Wonderful retreat in Amish Country in Ohio. We had such a great time. There was great friends, yummy food, lots of eye candy being sewn together, tons of laughs and a lifetime of memories being made. I love, love putting on this retreat. There was a time when I thought about putting it to bed, when there was drama going on, now we are just about drama free get together. Nothing like a bunch of women sharing our passion of quilting developing into some great friendships & memories. Sue F. did a class on the Lollipop bag and was so much fun. The bag was made in less then an hour, and I think Sue has the patience of Job. She is an awesome teacher. Then you throw in Kathy N. hosting a new game and I laughed so much watching them gals lose their fat quarters, and two gals winning the whole pot. The last but no least all of these women that attended made the whole weekend a ton of fun. They donated pillowcases over 63 ( last count) to be given to a charity. They also raised $600.00 which will be divided between the Arthritis Association and Women's Heart Association. Lots of hand claps to them all. I can't wait till next year. I believe I got some of my sewing mojo back too. 

 Beverly H. won one of the raffle quilts. She loved it and I had fun making it to donate.
Above is Pat Chambers winning a quilt. She and lots of others was put in a drawing for the quilt for donating pillow cases. She looks pretty happy~~~

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Back From Retreat

I'm back from another awesome retreat, well rested, jaw hurts from laughing so much, and probable gained a few pounds with all of that wonderful food. Everyone seemed to have way too much fun at this past weekend. We shopped some, sewed some, slept, and laughed a lot, which I think all was well needed for a few of us there. I finished up quilt top, made some thread catchers, plus a few other things. The picture is entering my sewing room, where my sweet son unloaded my items for me. I'm truely blessed because he loaded my van and unloaded if for me, of course i brought home a few treats for him as payment. Isn't it amazing how much you take with you on a weekend getaway. You just can't pack one thing, No that isn't possible, you have to take a few just in case what you get done early with your project ( now wouldn't that be a blessing) but mostly because you get bored with what you brought. :-)

I'll never forget my husband comment about what all I had on my list to pack for my first retreat. I mean I had on my list sewing machine, peddle, electrical cord/surge protector, sewing machine feet etc, pincushion, projects, rotary cutter, extra blades, cutting mats, rulers, iron, ironing board, snacks, drinks, design board, hand project, ott light, and the list goes on..... One of the gals at the retreat said she is getting everything she can on wheels to make it easier. I was thinking about her comment I may go out and get me a large suitcase on wheels to carry all of my projects in, then another one to wheel my sewing machine around, and another one to carry all of my accessories. I may have to look into this a little more.

I have another retreat come April, I can't wait. I counted a total of 5 more retreat to go this year with some awesome ladies.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It was a Challenge

You look at this quilt and think oh so simple, WRONG~~ it was a challenge for me. This is the first really really bright quilt I've done. I struggled with this and it was such a simple top. The pattern is called Mirror, Mirror by Cozy Quilt Designs. The pattern in itself was a joy to make very simple easy to put together, well the fabrics that were picked out for me to use was the hard part of putting it together. I've always worked with country/primitive colors, dk. muted colors or 30's reproductions even civil war reproductions because they make my soul sing & put a smile on my face. Well I figured out the problem, I had such a hard time to see contrast between the fabric colors since they are all so bright. It was good to get out of the box so to speak & work with other beautiful fabrics. I've love and appreciate those bright fabrics but never felt the need to make something with them until I volunteered to make a shop sample. So I learned watch what you volunteer for, LOL. I'm an glad I did since life is about learning, better yourself, and to grow as a person in all kinds of areas.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thread Catcher & Retreats

Here is another one I made today, which is a pincushion thread catcher. I've got a few more cut out to take into the quilt shop to sell. I may make some modifications to the pattern. Basically going to tweak it some.

So I decided to start my list for the February Quilt Retreat to bring list. I'm so like my Mom who was the master list maker. She labeled & made lists for everything. She has taught me well. :-) I'm looking forward to see the gals since I didn't make it to the one on New Year's Eve retreat. We are doing a bullseye swap, so I'm hoping to get some to swap with the gals. I'm not sure what I'm taking yet, but I usually end up bring a few projects in case I get board. I'm going to some things of fabric to sell if they want to buy, with the monies going towards an embroidery machine or another retreat. We've added a few more gals to the group which has worked out wonderful. They are so drama free, laid back and lots of fun. I love spending time with gals that quilt, you would be surprised how much you have in common since you have a common bond. Most of the gals I've came across can cook amazingly, love to have fun & laugh, and are such givers. Now I have came across some sour pusses, which love to have everything about them ( so much drama), and so on but they come & go. But 98% of the quilters I've met are some awesome people, so glad I love quilting because it has brought some great people in my life.I"m so blessed for the wonderful quilting friends I have in my life, you gals know who you are!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Sample Done

Here is one of the quilt shop samples I got done for the class I'll be having at the quilt shop. it is called 10 minute block quilt. This one is so cool to make up and quick. I'll be having a class on it in february.

The next one is pick up sticks made by me from Kathy Brown's book. I'll be having a class on this one as well. Should be a great way to use up those 2 1/2" strips. this is made using the 90 degree double strip ruler from creative grids.

Now I just need to get them quilted out to hang them on the wall at creations sew clever quilt shop.

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Sewing Room

I moved my sewing room from the finished little garage on our property to the house after my son moved out. Which let me tell you has been a chore in itself. The bad thing is the husband got to see all of my quilting and dollmaking stuff first hand. That was scary.... he didn't realize how much I had and to be honest I didn't either. So we brought in the cabinets, miz gracie, my cutting table, bought a new cabinet for just my KT fabric ( yes it needed it's own place) and most of my storage containers, some new some old. I'm still working on transfering items in the new space. So as I'm slowly sorting items I'm going to be selling A LOT of items, the money to go towards either an embroidery machine, larger throat machine for miz gracie or something else. I've got a lot of fabric, some notions, primitive dollmaking things, quilt tops, and so much more. Here are some pictures of the new space, still have more to do, like putting up my large shelf my Dad made to put up things that people have given me or make me smile, some things need to put on the walls.

Here is my sewing thread, mini quilt I made, this all sits by where I sew so if I want to watch TV.
My Bullinton board holds a lot of my favorite pictures, cards and things. The shelf holds container of quilt kits or blocks to be put together.

Here are my Cabinets filled with fabric, seperated by color or style. On top is baskets filled with patterns or small kits. The drawers have 1" - 5" squares cut out in them.

Here is my Machine Thread Holder my Dad made me, hhhmm looking kinda bare.This one of my shelves, it holds a picture of my Mom & me, the quilt is one I made her, she stitched on it and was one of her favorite things. I love this, my brother made the shelf for her so after her passing I got it. Such a treasure to me.

I'll post more later of the sewing room. :-) Have a blessed Day~~~

Friday, January 06, 2012

Welcome 2012~~

Hard to believe it is now 2012, which I hope it is better then 2011. It was a rough year last year with my son's accident, losing my mom & battling with my step family over my mom's things. So I'm hoping & lots of praying that this year will be so much better. I'm finally getting back into quilting, which is such wonderful therapy.

My son Josh has flown the coop he now has his own place & loves it. I'm dealing with it, but the best part we moved my sewing room into his old bedroom. So I think I got the best deal. He is missed but it is time. I love having the new room, but I can't fit everything in there so I've been getting boxes from the quilt shop & loading them up to have a huge Yard Sale!!! I'm putting the money made to go to my new quilting machine or embroidery machine fund. I've been copying patterns from books, filing them away in plastic sleeves in binders so I can save on space. Some of the books I've bought over the years only have one or two I love so I'm getting rid of the rest.

I've came across a bunch of "what the heck was I thinking" fabric let alone a few other crafty things. I asked myself was I on drugs or PMSing at the time?? I must have been so depressed I didn't care what I bought type fabric. So I've measured it out and put a price on it, out the door.

My husband finally got a glimpse into my "stash" needless to say he was amazed~~ That is putting it lightly, LOL. He brought in my fabric cabinets, which didn't include the other fabric places stashed on the shelves, in baskets and forgotten places. I'm so busted was my first thought, but he handled it quite well. He didn't pass out or anything, I was so proud of him. LOL. He just said wow honey you have lots of money out here, I replied yep that is my retirement so when I'm old I can still play with nice fabric. But on the serious side I didn't realize just how much I did have. My eye were opened~~

Thanks to Margaret for the challenge to get back to blogging, which I've neglected, so I'm back baby~~~ Yea!!!