Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It was a Challenge

You look at this quilt and think oh so simple, WRONG~~ it was a challenge for me. This is the first really really bright quilt I've done. I struggled with this and it was such a simple top. The pattern is called Mirror, Mirror by Cozy Quilt Designs. The pattern in itself was a joy to make very simple easy to put together, well the fabrics that were picked out for me to use was the hard part of putting it together. I've always worked with country/primitive colors, dk. muted colors or 30's reproductions even civil war reproductions because they make my soul sing & put a smile on my face. Well I figured out the problem, I had such a hard time to see contrast between the fabric colors since they are all so bright. It was good to get out of the box so to speak & work with other beautiful fabrics. I've love and appreciate those bright fabrics but never felt the need to make something with them until I volunteered to make a shop sample. So I learned watch what you volunteer for, LOL. I'm an glad I did since life is about learning, better yourself, and to grow as a person in all kinds of areas.

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