Thursday, March 01, 2012

Back From Retreat

I'm back from another awesome retreat, well rested, jaw hurts from laughing so much, and probable gained a few pounds with all of that wonderful food. Everyone seemed to have way too much fun at this past weekend. We shopped some, sewed some, slept, and laughed a lot, which I think all was well needed for a few of us there. I finished up quilt top, made some thread catchers, plus a few other things. The picture is entering my sewing room, where my sweet son unloaded my items for me. I'm truely blessed because he loaded my van and unloaded if for me, of course i brought home a few treats for him as payment. Isn't it amazing how much you take with you on a weekend getaway. You just can't pack one thing, No that isn't possible, you have to take a few just in case what you get done early with your project ( now wouldn't that be a blessing) but mostly because you get bored with what you brought. :-)

I'll never forget my husband comment about what all I had on my list to pack for my first retreat. I mean I had on my list sewing machine, peddle, electrical cord/surge protector, sewing machine feet etc, pincushion, projects, rotary cutter, extra blades, cutting mats, rulers, iron, ironing board, snacks, drinks, design board, hand project, ott light, and the list goes on..... One of the gals at the retreat said she is getting everything she can on wheels to make it easier. I was thinking about her comment I may go out and get me a large suitcase on wheels to carry all of my projects in, then another one to wheel my sewing machine around, and another one to carry all of my accessories. I may have to look into this a little more.

I have another retreat come April, I can't wait. I counted a total of 5 more retreat to go this year with some awesome ladies.

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