Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My newest addition

Here is my newest addition to our family. Her name is Mischief & boy does she live up to her name. She is about 4 1/2 months old, she was another drop off. She loves to play, which I think keeps the other older cats on their toes ( or should i said Paws) for sure. Here is one of her favorite spots to sleep in. Doesn't she look all comfortable? Well getting ready to start sewing my 30's quilt swap blocks that are due end of the week. Only have 12 blocks to make, Yea!!! Also a birthday block swap is due too. Gosh things piled up because of the quilt show, now need to play catch up.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Life back to normal~

Well have the quilt show behind me. Now I've got to get caught up on my two upcoming swaps and a birthday blocks~~ Kids are back to school so hopefully once we get a routine set up will be more time for quilting. Have some christmas gifts to get done.
Debating right now to rejoin one of my quilt guilds there just seems to be quite a lot of drama and high school clicky crap going on, which I hate to get involved in. Plus it is a drive for me 40 minutes one way & gas prices need I say more. plus I'm not really getting anything from it, which I feel is sad cause there are talented people in that group, but don't like to share.
well gotta finish my house work for the week so I can sew, sew all week.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Quilt Show Has begun

Well the quilt show starts today. We spent yesterday with a NQA judge, writing comments for over 150 quilted items, then hung the quilt show after that. Made for a long long day, but learned a lot and had fun too. Plus seeing all of those gorgeous quilted items, makes you want to run home and quilt.

Well I ended up with 3 - 1st place ribbons, 1 - 3rd place. Not too bad for entering in 9 items. I recieved a first place for my black & batik quilt, one for my 1930's miniature quilt, and one for a amish trip around the world wallhanging that was hand-quilted. The 3rd place was for my nine patch on point quilt that was hand-quilted. I was so thrilled. This was my first time entering a show, always have been so nervous & I'm funny about letting other look at my stuff & making comments. Cause you know sometimes those comments you don't want to hear.

The NQA judge we had was Lorraine Covington. She was awesome!! Had a great personality, always had something nice to say about each item, plus commented on where you need to work on. Loved it!! Had a wonderful sense of humor as well. I learned quite a bit while writing out comments for her for the quilt entries. I would recommend her for any quilt guild show that needs to be judged. Such a great lady.

I'll post some pictures lately of the show & my quilts that won~~

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Getting Ready for Quilt show

Well I've been getting my quilts ready for our local quilt show. This will be my first one to enter, scared to death. LOL. Right now I'm putting prairie points on my block quilt that is done in spinning star with batiks & black, plus crystals. Boy am I going out of my box!! I'm a primitive folkart type of gal!!
I posted a small picture of it. Love the quilting in it. I've got two wallhangings, another quilt done up in turtles, and one done up in hearts & stars that has button hole stitched them down all by hand. Hope to have a couple of minitures done as well. There is a contest to see who can enter the most. I don't think I'll win but I'm going to try.
The prairie points are going to be a challenge, never done one before so this is all new to me. pressing all of those points I have a feeling is going to take hours. I have 2 weeks till show time. Hope to get them done & ready to go.
I've posted another picture of a mystery quilt I did this past weekend. It was lots of fun. Done in Kansas trouble fabric, which is my one of my loves. Turned out to be kinda americana but didn't mean for it to. Isn't it funny how a quilt takes a mind of it's own. Love to know what you think.
God Bless~~~~

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A little bit about me~~~

Well lets see, I live in Ohio and have for all of my life. I've been quilting going on 16 yrs now & still lovin' it. I mostly lean towards traditional patterns with some primitive style thrown in there. I love the soft muted muddled colors and also the deep dark rich reds/mustards/blacks and such. I also enjoy working in my flower gardens i have, a small vegetable garden, and primitive doll making. I belong to a couple of quilt guilds which are a lot of fun. I'm married for 16 years have 2 sons ages 15 & 8, which my boys are a handfull in themselves. We also cater to our babies which are our 5 cats. hhmmmm let's see I'm a stay at home mom going on 8 years which is a job in itself, gosh working outside the home seemed a lot easier in a lot of ways. I have a 16x24' sewing area all mine, my sweet husband converted one of the garages on our property in to my "quilting" area in which i have my grace machine quilter, all of my fabrics, vintage trims ect and filled with things that make me smile~~~