Monday, December 31, 2007

Ashley's Quilt all done

I quilted out my cousin Danielle's daughter Ashley's quilt for her & just gave it to her this past week. This is the 2nd quilt my Cousin has made. Ashley loves the colors of purple, pink and lime green. I found some verigated thread to used and it turned out nice. She just wanted an overall pattern. I love the daisy's for the backing, so cute & fun!!
I believe Danielle has caught the quilting bug, she made another quilt for her dad for christmas. She gave him the top said she needed it back to have it quilted, LOL. The cat in the picture is mischeif who jumps on any quilt that hits the floor she thinks is her own.

My christmas KT Wallhanging

We did a christmas exchange on the Kt Stitchers group, and Beth made me this wonderful wallhanging. I really love it, can't wait to put it on one of walls in my quilting room so i can see it a lot. She did a wonderful job quilting it out plus the binding on that is awesome. Neat pattern

Brother getting tablerunner

Well here are the pictures of my brother Jimmy getting his table runner and the lable I put on the back for him. He really liked it, said it is about 4" on both ends short, :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

another table runner top done

well i finally got the top done for my brother for christmas. He built a 7'and 11" table that is really primitive looking. so for christmas I made him a 7" long table runner, going to machine quilt it tomorrow. one down maybe i'll make a couple more for christmas, they do go by quick.
here is a picture of it without the black border. I just hope he likes it, well he better.

Monday, December 03, 2007

December already!!!

Gosh were did November go?? was here and then boom turning the calender over and it is december. bbrrr does it feel like the wind is kicking up making it so much colder here in ohio, time to throw an extra quilt on bed.
Well been busy with decorating the house, got the outside done, lights are up, Mary & joseph is up all left is getting my reindeer out. Still no tree up but presents are wrapped. Still have a little bit of shopping let for the boys.
I've got some table runners to get done, one for my online KT group, going to try my best to get some other ones done for christmas gifts if not always next year, LOL.
i'm hoping to be sewing all this week, no doctor appointment or anything this whole week. Got all my house work done yesterday so should be smooth sailing this week. I'll post some pictures if I get anything completed. wish me luck