Monday, December 10, 2007

another table runner top done

well i finally got the top done for my brother for christmas. He built a 7'and 11" table that is really primitive looking. so for christmas I made him a 7" long table runner, going to machine quilt it tomorrow. one down maybe i'll make a couple more for christmas, they do go by quick.
here is a picture of it without the black border. I just hope he likes it, well he better.


Janet said...

So pretty Carolyn: I do love the traditional patterns and colours.
Am thinking right now while doing some custom handquilting about making a new tablecloth for Christmas and setting the table nicely even though I am alone. Will be going to friends for the big Christmas feed, but plan to have my own turkey - need plenty left for turkey soup and turkey pot pie and turkey sandwiches - you get the picture. Again, I just love that table runner....
Janet in cold ans snowy Nova Scotia, CANADA

Nurse Nancy said...

Very nice job Carolyn. I bet it looks great on that table he made too!

CresceNet said...

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