Tuesday, October 01, 2013

First of October~~

Well it is the first of October already, hard to believe fall has arrived. It is so beautiful here in Ohio with all of the leaves changing, cooler days, and all the fall decor. I didn't get the quilt top from last week finished like I'd hope to have. :( but I did make some progress got the the backing on and the batting floating. At least it was further along then when I started it. My plans is for Friday to spend the whole day finishing it up. Life has been a little busy. Caleb has homecoming the weekend of his 16th Birthday which is hard to believe my baby is 16 already. He still hasn't shown an interest in getting his license yet, but I' sure that will change before long. I don't know if the accident his brother Josh was in almost 3 years ago still haunts him or when he was with me last year around this time and the deer came into the windshield of the van. I don't want to rush him until he is ready. I still believe driving is one of the most dangerous things can do in life. I've been selling on eBay and in my etsy shop. Which I'm getting ready to put some items up there this weekend. I love making all of these little blocks, helps me distress from the day. I'm still trying to downsize all of my quilting/sewing stuff. Last year when my oldest son Josh moved into his own house, I decided to take his room as my sewing room. My "old" sewing room was the 2nd garage on my property converted over after my sweet husband put up all new walls, ceiling, insulated, put in heat, air conditioning and nice lighting. So now my husband took that over, and I moved inside. But I still have quite a bit of stuff out there that I need to decide what to do with it. What do you do with all of your unwanted fabric or craft items that you've lost interest in or no longer love????