Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I'm Back~~~

Hi Everyone, I'm back~~~ It has been a wild year~~ I did however get a lot done since my last post in April. On my to do list I did get a few quilt done that has been UFO's for a long, long time. I got my deer quilts both finished. Husband love his~~ buzz saw quilt done, put a flannel backing on it so it now the quilt I talk along with to retreats. Split decision done and sold it. The 1600 quilt done & was given to my friend Bianca which loves it. Bits & Pieces put together now to be quilted. I've still have quite a few but at least I have some that done. I've completed quite a few quilts in between the UFO's, so I wasn't too lazy. I've been on lots of retreats this year with some great quilting ladies whom I treasure their friendship very deeply. Let's see since april add 5 more to this list, plus I have one more to end the year with. 2015 is looking like a lot of fun as well, starting in february~~ Can't wait till the next one~~ I've been learning some new online stuff with classes I've been taking. So hopefully I'll be posting more with some ideas i have swirling around in my head.So stay tuned.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quilt Season has Begun

Well as my husband says Deer Season is over and Quilt Season begins. Got to love a man who lets his wife of almost 25 years go on as many quilt retreat as I do, and doesn't mind at all. :D I've already have two retreat under my belt so far this year. Nothing like a good retreat to get your juices flowing, get productive, enjoy great company and tons of laughs. One of the big retreats I do is right around the corner. Almost 40 women in attendance with a waiting list of 18 gals. We have so much fun up in the Amish country here in Ohio. The ladies that attend it are so wonderful, drama free for the most part, :)and so much fun. The ladies are so giving as well. The make pillowcases of every kind of fabric and this year we have 3 charities we will be giving them to which we had some great feedback as well from those charities. I believe we are blessed ladies and need to give back when we can. We gave away over 75 pillowcases last year. Hope to do the same for this one. For those who participate I give away a quilt and some prizes via raffle style. Lots of fun. Here is a winner from I believe last year.
well off to work on this years raffle quilt. i'm going to try my best to post more here.