Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wow End of the Month

Hard to believe it is end of the month already, this year is flying by. Before long Christmas will be here & then singing in the new year.

Hadn't done too much quilting this past week or so, this darn weather is havoc on my fibro. Been sleeping a lot, plus body been hurting. I'm going to have make an appointment with a massage therapist, I've been reading that is does help with fibro so going to give it a shot.

The boys last day is this Friday so been trying to get them all finished up, report done & handed in, studying for finals, plus other "fun" things going on for them. It is fun for the kids but not the parents I think sometimes.

Been cleaning out my sewing room in between everything else, so got a huge pile of things to sell on ebay or somewhere. Trying to save up some cash when I go down to Holden beach this October, gotta hit Mary Jo's on the way, wouldn't be a trip without that. But that darn gas keeps creeping up which takes some of my fun money away, darn those oil guys don't they realize they are messing with mama's fabric cash, shame on them.

Hope everyone is sewing for me, the orange crush mystery is sitting nicely in it's container waiting for me to put it together, along with the other 18 kits i have waiting on me, LOL.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Winner is~~~

Well we've gotten a winner~~this has been so much fun. I used a random number picker to be fair.

Simply put, this script will generate a random integer between 0 and the number you enter.
Enter an integer here

Here is the result


So the person that was the 25th seperate posting is the winner, which is Pat, from Wisconsin. I'll email you pat. This was so much fun.

I know if I would happen to have $50,000.00 just laying around I would build me the perfect studio with lots of storage space, then a nice long arm then me and a friend would head to some quilt shows & load it up & move the fabric/notions etc out. I would stock up on kits, I love kits, moda especially kt fabric.

thanks for all that posted a comment I had so much fun reading them. I hope you all did too.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Okay since I've past 3000 people have checked out my blog since I started I'm celebrating a giveaway. Plus it is raining once again in Ohio, sooo we need a pick me up. I've got 4 fat quarters, patterns and something else that will be a surprise. I'm planning on going thru my quilting room this sunday soooo who knows what I may throw in the giveaway blog. Okay here is the rules: ( isn't there rules to everything in life, hopefully these won't be too bad. )

1) If you were given $50,000.00 to spend on yourself Plus your very bestest friend ( only one) . You have to spend all of it on yourself & bestest friend Only!!!! Because your family, kids, pets ect have everything in the world they could possible need/want. It could be anything you would do /buy, plus include atleast ONE quilt related thing in there. Sky is the limit, well atleast $50,000.00 worth. Post in the comment section

2) Place a link from my blog on your blog, plus include your blog link in the comment section with your above answer.

that is it, wasn't so bad was it. I'll be pulling a winner come Monday May 19th~~~~

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Retreat Raffle Quilt

Here is a picture of the Raffle Quilt at the OhioQuilter's Retreat. Kathie Crabtree is the winner of it, she is on the left & on the right is me. Isn't it just beautiful!!! Congratulations to Kathie!! I know she will treasure it, for a very long time!!! Don't you love the binding which is done in Prairie Points, so pretty.

A Quilting Day

Well today spending the whole day out in the quilting room in between loads of laundry. There is always something going on in the house. I've got my dad's fish quilt done, he wanted something simple well he got it. :) So today I'll be loading it on the frame & quilting it out today. Not sure how i'm going to quilt it but will think of something i'm sure. He is not picky at all but I still want it too look nice. Going to give it to him for his birthday on Friday he will be 64~~~ I made him a quilt about a year or so ago, well come to think of it was about 2 christmas ago when I gave it to him, but he said he was too short didn't cover his feet, LOL. I made a lap, but he was using it in his camper when he stayed down at fish camp. So he wanted to just to sew along the bottom a 10" piece of quilted flannel, now how tacky would that be!!!!! I"m surprised he didn't do it himself. I told him nope wasn't going to do that I'd make him a longer one. So I pieced a simple design, made it 86" long and 66" wide. He didn't want a too big of one cause it was for the camper, getting kinda picky in his old age, but I guess he has lived long enough he can. I'll post a picture once I get it quilted out today.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Miranda Day Bag Done

Well this is the bag I done at the Retreat last weekend. I thought it turned out so pretty. I can't wait to do another one, now that I know what I'm doing, hehehe. There was quite a few of us doing it at the retreat around 10 or so of us bought the patterns & worked on them. There were some pretty ones. So here is mine. I think the next one I'll do with straps instead.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

a neat blog to read~~

Well I'm usually reading a blog or two while eating breakfast, during chatting, or when I'm bored. This is one I love to read~~~ http://quiltingcowgirl.blogspot.com/ a very nice site, and fun to read. She has posted she has had her 300th post, way to go!!! that is so awesome. Congratulations to her. Be sure to check it out.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Retreat is done Yippee~~

Well Retreat is finally over, what a weekend. I laugh so much~~ it was such a great atmosphere this year, lots of laughter, renewed friendships, some new friendships, there was such comfort 7 joy being passed around it was amazing. There was no stress/drama at all which is such a blessing. Lot of stuff being sewed and lots of talking.

I got my dad his fish quilt done except for the borders, a miranda day purse, and binding put on a quilt. That was a lot for me cause I'm usually yacking my head off trying to catch up with everyone's life. We had some bad news on some of the gal's lives but we all rallied around them, showed comfort to them & said many prayers. Isn't God good~~~ I know it was a comfort to a few of them.

I posted some pictures, I have a lot more to post in my webshots album at http://community.webshots.com/user/ohioquilter2.

So today i'm going to put everything back into it's place in the sewing room, that might take me all day. Have to make up some mushroom bags for my FIL to take mushroom hunting next week too.

I'll post some pictures of my miranda bag today too. Now I can get back to "normal" LOL. Hopefully I can get some things quilted on the frame this month that I keep putting off, then I need to decide what to do with them after they are quilted~~~~ Have any ideas???