Monday, May 19, 2008

The Winner is~~~

Well we've gotten a winner~~this has been so much fun. I used a random number picker to be fair.

Simply put, this script will generate a random integer between 0 and the number you enter.
Enter an integer here

Here is the result


So the person that was the 25th seperate posting is the winner, which is Pat, from Wisconsin. I'll email you pat. This was so much fun.

I know if I would happen to have $50,000.00 just laying around I would build me the perfect studio with lots of storage space, then a nice long arm then me and a friend would head to some quilt shows & load it up & move the fabric/notions etc out. I would stock up on kits, I love kits, moda especially kt fabric.

thanks for all that posted a comment I had so much fun reading them. I hope you all did too.

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