Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New babies & new bag~~~

We got new kittens born on Palm Sunday, how cool is that!!! We had a stray cat that was dropped off, we needless to say she got pregnant very quickly. Saturday she came into my sewing room ( which BTW is a converted garage) looking all over the place, figured she was looking for a safe spot for her babies. So I got a box, put in some scrap batting, got some food/water/litter box all set up for her. Locked her in, checked on her before church on sunday, 2 were born, by 4 o'clock Sunday 3 more. She is such a good mommy. I put the box under my sewing table with some fabric to make it look like they are hiding. :) Now I've got to find good parents for them when the time is right, then off to get her fixed, no more kittens for us, we have enough stray cats as it is. So I'll do as bob barker says "get your pets spayed/neutered". LOL.

Today I decide to piddle around in the sewing room. Slowly getting ready for the big OhioQuilters retreat come May. Then boom, got distracted~~~ doesn't take much for me, LOL. So I made me a new wonder wallet, my old one was wearing out. I'm sure Clyde would say it due to my credit cards and money in that thing straining the seams, hehehe. I'm going to make another one just to put those store cards that you need to pull out to get points etc on. I hate trying to find them in my purse. Then I made a new what I'm using for a makeup bag. My other one needed replaced. I had a pattern from This & That, which I loved, so I sewed it up pretty quickly. I used some of my Kansas trouble scraps, and tweaked it a little bit. I really liked how it turned out, very easy to follow instructions which I appreciate. I'm such a visual person when it comes to putting something together.

Off to finish dinner and throw another load of towels in the washer~~~

Friday, March 26, 2010

March Long Month

March was one long month. Usually a pretty good month, love to see spring peaking through the ground, making me want to get out my flower/gardening magazines to see what flowers I want to order.

Well my step mom passed away after a long battle with cancer towards the end of February. One good thing is I got to see such a tender side of my Dad taking care of her in the last week of her life. He stayed by her side, and wouldn't let anyone else take care of her, was just beautiful. She got saved before her time here on Earth was gone, God is so Good.

Next I celebrated my 40th Birthday. Clyde got me a new Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer, silver in color. I told him black or silver back during Christmas. I just love that baby, making homemade noodles is so worth the money with it!!! I can't say enough about it, cookies are a dream, mixes very nicely. So now on the prowl to find attachments. :-) I definitely want the one to strain vegetables so I can make some tomato juice this summer. Needless to say he got an Atta boy award for it!!! Remember Happy Wife = Happy life!!! Well the fun stopped after that, had to do the 40 yr old mammogram, already had some before that so no biggy. So I thought~~ They found some clusters of cells that wasn't there in 2008 mammogram. Guess what got to experience my first biopsy. I will say this avoid it all possible. Wasn't' too bad actually, the two worst things is laying on your stomach for the whole procedure the other 1st initial "stick" to numb it, other then that was fine. I did get the results, all negative!! Praise God for it!!! So girls be sure to get your annual checkups, because you only get one pair. Unless you trade your old pair for a new pair!!!

I'll post tomorrow about the retreat I went to later, was such a blast & made a top plus a purse!!