Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Quilt Down 3 more to go

Well finally got one of the commissioned quilts done, the top that is. Going on the frame tomorrow for quilting. It started out just 3 quilts then talked to her yesterday and she asked me to do another one. She said just when I can get them done. Yea!! So here is the green one. Sorry on it's side but you get the idea. The other one I'm finishing up is blue and white. different pattern. They are for a couple little girls, one loves green one loves blue. This was such an easy pattern with four patches and 1/2 square triangles, 12 1/2" blocks with a total of 24 blocks, a 3" inner border and a 4 1/2" outer border. Now onto piecing the blocks for the 2nd one. I'm hoping this gets me motivated to sew more this year, plus going on 4-5 retreats this year should help out!! Next retreat is March I can't wait, nothing like fun true friends, great food, and beautiful place to sew.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January BOM

Here is the January BOM. This is my first try at this so please be patient with me. Hopefully I explain it in laymens terms. Keep in mind use a scant 1/4" seam. Usually after I sew a section I measure to make sure I have that 1/4" seam.

First you will need 3 fabrics, one light, one medium, and one dark. This is great to use your scraps. It makes ONE finished 12" block.

Light fabric you will need ONE- 7 1/4" square, ONE 6 1/2" square and FOUR 3 1/2" squares cut out. Medium Fabric you will need TWO - 4 1/4" squares. Dark fabric you will need TWO - 4 1/4" squares cut out. Now the picture will say Medium but the Navy should be DARK fabric instead of MEDIUM. Sorry

Now you will need to take the 7 1/4" Light fabric and cut it into forths. Cut corner to corner to get 4 triangles. Both the Medium & Dark squares you will need to cut into forths. Cut corner to corner to get a total of 8 triangles out of each square.Next match up your Medium and Dark triangle to look like the picture. You will need to make 4 sets of each side. Make sure you trim off the "dog ears" and press them to the light side. Pressing and trimming make the blocks turn out nice.

Take your medium/dark triangles and match them up with the light triangles. Sew up one set of triangles do all four, press and trim. Then sew up the other set of triangles down the other side of the light triangles. Press and trim. Should have a total of 4 sets.

Then take 2 of the triangle sets and sew the 4 squares on the ends. Take the reminding two triangle sets and sew them along the large 6 1/2" light square.

The last part is matching the seams and sewing the block together. The blocks is called Aunt Addie's Album. I hope you like the block, it is one of my favorites. Looks like a star. Let me know what you think. Have a great day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

bought fabric finally

Well after a week inside due to lots of snow and Caleb not having school, it felt great getting out doing some shopping. Had lunch with a friend, ate way to much olive garden salad but went the healthy route with soup instead of one of their yummy lunch items. First started out at Joann fabrics, walked out with a magazine, yep that is it, good girl.... Stopped at Hobby lobby no fabric or quilty items bought, but did manage a wonderful smelling candle Carmel latte, almost could eat that puppy it smelt so good. I also got some items for a bracelet, might wear it tonight to women's fellowship meeting once I put together. Made another stop at the library, then thought hhhmm been awhile since I've been in the quilt shop one block up. ( Darn it for being on the street that heads out of town, the conspiracy) So in I go... Was greeted with hey end of the bolt sale this week. Buy end of the bolt and get 30% off well, gee thanks just what I needed to hear especially after I've tried being a good girl and use my stash first. I mean a sale is music to a quilters ears, makes her want to do a little dance or a cart wheel or two while saying "wwweeeeee". So I did very very good, I came out with 3 pieces of fabric, after putting down 4 more bolts. I thought well I don't get paid until wednesday so if they are still there they are mine, a sign right??? Here is what I got:

The green is a Kansas Trouble wildflower Serenade. The tan/greenish/blue is a Portabello Market by 3 sisters. The dark brown with the pink is Collection for a Cause. I had some of the brown/pink from an earlier purchase thought well just incase I can't get it anymore better get it now since at my LQS once it is gone it is gone from that shop. Headed home finally. Now tomorrow to work on some BOM for Ohioquilters group and do the January ones from my online KT group. oh to sew again, hopefully this year a lot better then last year. No mojo for sewing, just couldn't get into for some reason.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010 new year New Start

Finally the new year has came & boy did it. Our family was hit with an awful stomach virus right after we rang in the New Year. Atleast after one had it for 12 hours then another one got it, good thing cause we only have one bathroom!!!

So this year I decided to make some changes for one I want to blog more, get out more, and use up some of my stash. so I made a top 10 quilty resolutions or maybe as a dear friend of mine said goals. :) ( love ya Ann) Here are mine, what is yours?

1) Finish all 13 of my quilt tops that is below my quilt frame Quilted before June.
2) Make my Aunts quilts for her Grandbabies all 3
3) Keep my sewing room Cleaned & organized
4) Give away quilts this year without worry what kind of home they are going to. I'm so bad with this cause some have shown me in the past they don't care of time it takes to make it let alone the cost it can take, some fabric is up to $9.00 a yard. I hate to spend all the time in it let alone to use cheap fabric, not my style. They didn't appreciate it, that part sucks, hard to overcome that, but going to this year. :) Who knows maybe everyone will get a quilt.
5) Go on more quilt retreats/stores/ shows with my awesome friends & have lots of fun without feeling guilty leaving my family.
6) Only buy that I truely LOVE not just to say "I have some of that" & work out of my stash before I buy.
7) Don't let all of my tops collect dust without them being quilted first. ( I have trouble quilting them out I'm a topper I guess) 8) Finally get back to some weekly sewing. 9) Go thru my stacks/files/baskets of patterns, get the fabrics to go with them & "kit" them up so I sew up. Or get rid of them. 10) Get started on Christmas gifts sooner & feel good about giving them away. Review #4

I dropped alot of my yahoo groups I wasn't getting anything from, and joined a 30's fabric group to help me cut fabric, swap and use finally. I've been collecting 30's fabric for way over 10 years which started with my love of old quilts and the aunt grace collection. Time to use this stuff up. My worst fear is having my husband get rid of all of this stuff once I'm gone from this earth, not that I'm dying or anything but something has happened that reminded me how short life truely is. Just something to ponder I guess.

I hope everyone had a wonderful CHRISTmas and a great new year so far!!!