Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010 new year New Start

Finally the new year has came & boy did it. Our family was hit with an awful stomach virus right after we rang in the New Year. Atleast after one had it for 12 hours then another one got it, good thing cause we only have one bathroom!!!

So this year I decided to make some changes for one I want to blog more, get out more, and use up some of my stash. so I made a top 10 quilty resolutions or maybe as a dear friend of mine said goals. :) ( love ya Ann) Here are mine, what is yours?

1) Finish all 13 of my quilt tops that is below my quilt frame Quilted before June.
2) Make my Aunts quilts for her Grandbabies all 3
3) Keep my sewing room Cleaned & organized
4) Give away quilts this year without worry what kind of home they are going to. I'm so bad with this cause some have shown me in the past they don't care of time it takes to make it let alone the cost it can take, some fabric is up to $9.00 a yard. I hate to spend all the time in it let alone to use cheap fabric, not my style. They didn't appreciate it, that part sucks, hard to overcome that, but going to this year. :) Who knows maybe everyone will get a quilt.
5) Go on more quilt retreats/stores/ shows with my awesome friends & have lots of fun without feeling guilty leaving my family.
6) Only buy that I truely LOVE not just to say "I have some of that" & work out of my stash before I buy.
7) Don't let all of my tops collect dust without them being quilted first. ( I have trouble quilting them out I'm a topper I guess) 8) Finally get back to some weekly sewing. 9) Go thru my stacks/files/baskets of patterns, get the fabrics to go with them & "kit" them up so I sew up. Or get rid of them. 10) Get started on Christmas gifts sooner & feel good about giving them away. Review #4

I dropped alot of my yahoo groups I wasn't getting anything from, and joined a 30's fabric group to help me cut fabric, swap and use finally. I've been collecting 30's fabric for way over 10 years which started with my love of old quilts and the aunt grace collection. Time to use this stuff up. My worst fear is having my husband get rid of all of this stuff once I'm gone from this earth, not that I'm dying or anything but something has happened that reminded me how short life truely is. Just something to ponder I guess.

I hope everyone had a wonderful CHRISTmas and a great new year so far!!!


Screen Door said...

Love your resolutions. I too, hope to start quilting for christmas earlier. I guess my main focus will be discipline to be creative with what I have.... sometimes it seems easier to buy new versus, hunt to make do....I loved the stuff I originally bought--- my goal is to use it this year....Good luck on your endeavors.....

ann said...

love your goals! I know its hard to give your quilts away not knowing if they will be taken care of...but try yo make quilts for the making of them...then set them free

Bianca said...


I hope you and your family recovered from that nasty virus. What a way to start the New Year.