Friday, October 30, 2009

October Month

Well Halloween is tomorrow, wow the month has slipped by once again. I can't get over how time is just flying by, soon Christmas will be here before we know it. Almost done with physical therapy done on my foot. The foot is doing really good and healing very well, but ( isn't there always a but in a conversation) the ankle is still getting very swelled and the tendon is not stretching like it should. Going up and seeing the doctor next week.

I did manage to go to a get together earlier this month. Was such a wonderful weekend. Sewed some, made a couple of large charm tote bags, put a quilt top together and laughed quite a bit. Ate some wonderful food, slept way to much and had the best weather. Can't wait till i can have another get together with a bunch of quilters, just revives you.

I did get commissioned to make 3 quilts for my aunt's grandkids. I'll take the extra money and put it towards vacation next year. I may start selling some of my tops, totes and table runners to put in my vacation funds. I haven't decided yet on where I'm going. Clyde & I talked about heading out to Montana and such for about a week OR going on a cruise with my mom & step dad to Alaska with Caleb. Clyde said he didn't want to do a cruise. Decisions, decisions~~~~ Either one I'll be hitting some quilt shops no matter where I end up going.

Now off to find a couple different quick and easy quilt patterns to get started.

Happy Halloween

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