Friday, April 23, 2010

Retreat Next Week!!

Retreat is Next week!!! Yea Me!!! I can't wait, have so much fun with some awesome ladies. We laugh, tease each other, share stories some with way too much information, LOL, eat some great food, oh yea even sew a stitch or two. I'm not sure what I'm bringing to work on for 3 wonderful days. I've got 2 quilts machine quilted out ready for binding to be put on, one quilt for downy's project, so I'm hoping to get another couple machine quilted so I can finish them up. I think I'll make another buckeye quilt, maybe bring some totes to finish up, not sure what else.. I always overpack, I don't think I'm alone with that problem.
I believe every quilter needs to go to a fun retreat, you just have so much fun, plus you get uninterupted sewing. You just never know who you might find a lasting friendship with that could last a life time.
I think the hardest part is figuring out what to take to sew on, plus not forgetting something. If it wasn't for my list making I'd forget so much. one time I forgot to pack socks, so I got new ones, I forgot to put my shirts in my van, so I had to get new ones cause I don't think I could wear the same one for the whole retreat. I guess there was silver lining in those "forgets". The sewing stuff was more important then clothes anyway right??? LOL
Well off to machine quilt some before I get me an hour massage today, love those makes my day, great way to start off the weekend!!!
God Bless

Monday, April 19, 2010

Beautiful April

This has been such a beautiful month, my lilac bush is blooming, along with my tulips. Spring is here~~
Been crazy too, still going thru the my step moms stuff, lots of stuff is all I can say. Hopefully got through all of the fabric, now to start on the craft stuff, thread, and the rest of the sewing stuff. Glad dad is going to handle all of the wood stuff.
I'm getting ready for the Ohio quilters Annual Retreat next week. It is such a wonderful time spent with some great ladies, awesome food, time to just sew, relax and view some of God's Beautiful Country side. Trying to get all of the stuff I bring since I head it up, plus get all of my stuff cut out & ready to see. Saves so much time. I place all of them in huge ziploc bags with the patterns or in a plastic container. I usually take around 4 or so, incase I get bored. How many do you usually take?? curious minds want to know. I also have a check off list which makes things so much easier, plus I don't forget anything.
I still need to decide on what to bring for snackin?? Any ideas??? I love to try new recipes. especially quick & easy but oh so tasty.
Oh an update on my "babies" (kittens) they are doing so wonderful. They are all starting to walk & play with each other. I have one that is super vocal, one that is shy, and two that love to play with each other. I'll have to get an updated picture on here.
Have a great day...

Beautiful April

Monday, April 05, 2010

April is here

Spring I believe is here, have some tulips getting ready to bloom, daffodils are blooming, the birds are singing plus the spring peepers are peeping. I'll be leaving the end of the month for the annual Berlin, Ohio Quilt Retreat. It is so much fun reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones. Veggin' out just sewing, yacking, eating and tons of laughing. I already started my list of things to bring.

Been cleaning the basement for my dad of my step mom's craft/sewing stuff. All I can say I hope I don't leave Clyde with so much stuff to go through. I went through around 4 1/2 totes of nothing but fabric, counted 14 more to go, not including the rest of the craft stuff. Gonna take a few days to just go thru the fabric. It has been kinda fun listening and talking with Dad so it so worth the time being spent.

The kitten are growing, one has one eye opened, they are sooo cute~~~ Going to be hard to give them away.

Easter was awesome, I love sunrise service, just a wonderful time. It is such a great time of the year to be reminded what Jesus has done for us, and to give thanks to him for every blessing he gives each and one of us.