Friday, April 23, 2010

Retreat Next Week!!

Retreat is Next week!!! Yea Me!!! I can't wait, have so much fun with some awesome ladies. We laugh, tease each other, share stories some with way too much information, LOL, eat some great food, oh yea even sew a stitch or two. I'm not sure what I'm bringing to work on for 3 wonderful days. I've got 2 quilts machine quilted out ready for binding to be put on, one quilt for downy's project, so I'm hoping to get another couple machine quilted so I can finish them up. I think I'll make another buckeye quilt, maybe bring some totes to finish up, not sure what else.. I always overpack, I don't think I'm alone with that problem.
I believe every quilter needs to go to a fun retreat, you just have so much fun, plus you get uninterupted sewing. You just never know who you might find a lasting friendship with that could last a life time.
I think the hardest part is figuring out what to take to sew on, plus not forgetting something. If it wasn't for my list making I'd forget so much. one time I forgot to pack socks, so I got new ones, I forgot to put my shirts in my van, so I had to get new ones cause I don't think I could wear the same one for the whole retreat. I guess there was silver lining in those "forgets". The sewing stuff was more important then clothes anyway right??? LOL
Well off to machine quilt some before I get me an hour massage today, love those makes my day, great way to start off the weekend!!!
God Bless

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