Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heading to Another Retreat~~

It is time for another retreat~~ Oh I need this so bad, nothing like some sewing/quilting to get a much needed break in life. Still trying to deal with mom's passing some days better then others. Leaving tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday. A great bunch of gals, lots of good food, and my sewing machine with some fabric ( prefer Moda please) , I'll be a happy camper. Now I need to get some projects to get packed, hhmmm what to pull from my stash, what patterns to get started with or should I just grab some kits blind eye style. I did pick up a new book by Kathy Brown from the Teacher's Pet called Strip Smart Quilts, using a cool ruler from Creative Grids called 90 degree Double Strip ruler. I'm stepping way outside of the box with this baby, but oh it looks like a winner to making some awesome triangles especially with the patterns in the book. So I'm packing it for sure & giving it a whirl at retreat. I'll take some pictures at retreat to let you see how it goes, fingers crossed~~ Well off to make some potato salad, bake some type of dessert and find me some project to sew.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Sad Day~~

Saturday May 21 2011 I lost one of the most important people in my life. My mom ( Juanita Kay McGuire) passed away so peacefully that afternoon. She went to be home where she was longing to go. She passed away so gracefully and at peace. She will be so missed, beyond words can describe. She had taught me so many things about the love of God, how to be kind to others, how to be a strong person, how to a good mom and so much more. I will miss hearing her voice most of all talking for hours on the phone and almost every day. No matter what she was there for me and others as well. She freely gave herself & didn't complain. Inspiration to us all & how someone should treat others plus ourselves. She always supported me in whatever I did, even when I made a mistake. She loved others so freely, unconditional and accepted others for who they were on the inside. She stood by her beliefs no matter what and for those who didn't accept her, she would say "oh well their loss". She said you will not be accepted by everyone, and that is okay. But if you agree with everyone, you will not be happy on the inside. Stand for something or else you will be walked on by everyone. Certain people come into your life for a reason, some stay & some go, but you can learn/appreciate something from them all. She taught me a lot. God received one of his best angels back into heaven. She was a wonderful loving person~~ Love you Mom~~~