Friday, October 30, 2009

October Month

Well Halloween is tomorrow, wow the month has slipped by once again. I can't get over how time is just flying by, soon Christmas will be here before we know it. Almost done with physical therapy done on my foot. The foot is doing really good and healing very well, but ( isn't there always a but in a conversation) the ankle is still getting very swelled and the tendon is not stretching like it should. Going up and seeing the doctor next week.

I did manage to go to a get together earlier this month. Was such a wonderful weekend. Sewed some, made a couple of large charm tote bags, put a quilt top together and laughed quite a bit. Ate some wonderful food, slept way to much and had the best weather. Can't wait till i can have another get together with a bunch of quilters, just revives you.

I did get commissioned to make 3 quilts for my aunt's grandkids. I'll take the extra money and put it towards vacation next year. I may start selling some of my tops, totes and table runners to put in my vacation funds. I haven't decided yet on where I'm going. Clyde & I talked about heading out to Montana and such for about a week OR going on a cruise with my mom & step dad to Alaska with Caleb. Clyde said he didn't want to do a cruise. Decisions, decisions~~~~ Either one I'll be hitting some quilt shops no matter where I end up going.

Now off to find a couple different quick and easy quilt patterns to get started.

Happy Halloween

Friday, September 25, 2009

End of month

Well already end of the month. Time just seems to be flying by. I'm still not walking on my own yet, I'm partial weight bearing now which is a lot better then mashing the couch. I can't wait to get back to driving and doing things I want to do, LOL I'm looking forward to a get away next weekend. I need it, so bad, to be around some wonderful giving, fun ladies just hanging out, talking, relaxing, and just some plain ole girl time. I feel it is important for women to have time to ourselves being ourselves and turning off the wife/mother/sister/helper mode. The group of gals I'll be spending time with are truely wonderful ladies. They are such giving caring women. It is such an honor to know each one of them with their own personalities. We each have different backgrounds, lifestyles and personalities but we accept, appreciate each other, which is so nice. That is why I look forward to my 3 weekend getaways a year with them. Ladies if you are reading this, you ladies ROCK!!!

I'm not sure what I'm going to bring to sew on, but I'm sure will find something to do. Not like I don't have kits all ready to sew and do, hehehe. I'm hoping to get out in the sewing room this weekend. I've been doing some hand work on a couple wallhangings, lots of buttonhole stitching. But I'm sooo done with that, well once it gets done I will be. I can't wait to get to do some quilting on the frame. Maybe because the weather has changed to fall, summer is hard time for me to get into sewing always has been.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

wow been a month

well it has been well over a month since my last posting. geesh were has the time gone??? Well lets see I got my living room all done, new laminated wood floor, freshly painted walls, and all new trim. Looks so pretty. Well also my son Josh has opened up his own business right out of high school. they did an article on him in our local paper. I hope this link works. :) Here it is

He has done so well, I hope he continues to do so. He has worked so hard, plus working a part time job after working at the skateboard shop.

In the mean time, i had foot surgery on August 14th. Dr. Janis out of columbus, took out a bone chip, redone my ankle ligament/tendon, realigned my big toe (damaged after year of wearing heels) and cleaned out the cartiledge. So right now I'm in a cast until Septembe 15th then therapy. It has been a life changing experience. I've read a ton of books, stitched a santa wallhanging (lot of buttonhole stitching by hand) and watching mind numbing tv. Clyde has been wonderful since I can't walk on my foot, he has been fixing dinner, doing laundry and light housekeeping, plus Caleb has been helping as well. I'm sure he can't wait till I'm back to "my job" as a domestic engineer.

Now I'm stitching on a pumpkin wall hanging hopefully be done this week. Hopefully I can start back into posting. I'm also on facebook under Carolyn Detty Carl

Thursday, July 30, 2009

End of July

Well it is the end of July. Hard to believe the year is 1/2 over. I got my sewing machine back, she is all cleaned, timing back in tuned, and she has been put back on her frame to begin quilting. Ma & Pa Kettle did a wonderful job with her. If you need a janome or any other machine fix, your around frankfort, ohio area I would recommend them highly. they are in the phone book or google them.

Josh ( my oldest son) is offically in business. We signed the leased, got the licenses, banking accounts and things all set up. Josh's Skate Shop hope will be opened in a couple of weeks, the building was in a great shape so not a lot of work there. He is pretty excited. and so am I~~ So if your in the chillicothe area, be sure to check out Josh's Skate shop at 86 west water. He will be selling skateboards, accessories, and apparel.

Getting ready for a weekend getaway before I have my foot surgery on the 14th. Sooo looking forward for it, now I just need to get my exchange bag all filled up with quilting goodies, making a list of things to bring, and get some projects together to work on. I'm wanting to make up some more pillowcases, want to make a blue/cream quilt to go in my living room.

well we decided to redo our living room in mist of all of this chaos of helping my son with his shop, getaway coming up, and surgery. Woke up last monday to get husbands lunch ready for him, he said " start looking for some flooring for the living room" I about fell out of bed. I've been wanting to redo the living room for a long, long time. I've been talking with him on painting the paneling, so now we went gun ho~~~ We painted the walls in a "winter wheat", picked out some medium oak, laminated wood floor ( which is going in come tomorrow) and still going to pick out a large throw rug maybe next week. I'm so glad this is getting done & turning out so beautiful.

I'll post pictures once it gets done.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Where has the summer gone??

So where has 1/2 the summer gone?? I mean geesh I just got back from a quilt retreat in May, my son graduated finally. He got top honors in the Business classes, Yea Josh~~ We are so proud of him. Now he is on his own adventure of opening up his own skateboard shop, we've been working very hard on the business plan, finances and figuring it all out. Looking to opening it up come August if all goes well, keeping fingers crossed along with lots of prayers. I haven't been quilting much at all, got into a major slump with it. I'm planning on getting away in a couple of weeks, so that is the motivation I need. I've cut out some 9" squares to do bulleyes blocks figured it would be a good way to use up some scraps, plus a few of us are going to swap out some blocks. One of my quilt machines bit the dust, well the timing went out on my Janome 1600 dbx, taking it to the doctor today to make it all better. I can't complain about her because she is going on 4 years old & has performed wonderfully.

What do you all do to keep motivated?????

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Went to Quilt Shop & Lunch with Friends

Well it has been a whirl wind since I got back from retreat. Between end of the school year and Josh's graduation coming up. We've been running almost everyday, whew~~ will be glad when I'm done and it starts settling down here. Well a couple of us decide to get together and head down to portsmouth to Lil's Quilt Shop where I planned on only getting a couple yards, well that thought left my mind once i stepped into the shop and closed the door behind me. Why is it when you step in there among the fabric, the samples on the walls, patterns calling to you, thread in all kinds of colors and we won't go there about the notions. Maybe someone needs to make one of those bracelets you where where you get shocked everytime you go over your "fabric" limit. Boy I would end up with some wild looking hair, from all of the shocking I'd get. I thought I did pretty good overall. I bought some yummy gutermann brown & cream 876 yards of thread for some quilting. I got some thangles in 1/2" and 3/4" size, perfect for making some mini quilts. I love them babies!!!! Well wouldn't you know it, she had some Kansas Troubles, I just had to see them, well then I had to buy some. I got a packet of 5" charms of Kansas Winter, in drooling colors/patterns of dark tans, blacks, oh the reds to die for and blues~~~. Plus 2 yards of tan paisley print from the season line of kansas troubles. But then I noticed another tan from the seasons line it had tiny black stars, got two yards of it as well. I mean at 6.99 a yard how could I not snatch it up to add to my stash. Recently I have fell in love with this cornflower blue fabrics coming out, saw some I just had to have ( I even put back a bolt of kt for this, LOL, I know pick yourself up off the floor please.~~ oh sorry for not saying spew alert) 3 yards of pattern #15795 from the Kashmir II by Sentimental Studios for Of course wouldn't you know it MODA!! I was done so I thought, then my GF Miz Nurse Nancy bought some 1930's fabric in DAISY's. I love those colors in daisys can't resist them, so I got a yard of it, also in blue and white. Good thing we decided to get some lunch. We headed over to the ribber for some wonderful BBQ. We all ended up with BBQ Sandwiches, chips and pickle. We decided to all order other things and share, we got onion rings, ribber fries, deep fried mushrooms and zuchinni deep fried. All was yummy. I ended up bringing leftovers back way too much they gave us. Perfect ending shared with friends, fabric and food~~~

I hope you all had a great day as well. now I just need to get back to sewing.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Home from Retreat

Well got back from Retreat yesterday wore plum out~~~It was such a wonderful time, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I made a new purse with help from Sue F, who was a wonderful patient teacher to us all. The mystery quilt looked so cool can't wait to make it, and the rag jacket the gals did are so beautiful. We ate great food, the chicken one night was wonderful. We laughed so much our sides were killing. Shopping was awesome I even went for awhile, thanks to my husband giving me some extra cash to spend. I even bought some new bunny patterns. I still have to put all of my sewing stuff back in the right spot, hopefully this week I 'll find some time. Lots going on this week. I can't wait to go back same time, same place and lots of the same friends. The gals there rocked this year~~~~

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leaving Tomorrow~~~

Heading out tomorrow for retreat. I'll be leaving very early in the morning. For the most part I'm all packed. Going to cut out some things to work on for retreat and pack up all of the retreat stuff into the van tonight except my personal stuff. I'll pack all of it tomorrow before I leave out of here. I'm so looking forward in going, nice relaxing place, no cooking, lots of good food, great people, and nothing but doing what I want, LOL. Plus no kids or husband wanting you to do something or get them something. I think more women ought to do a get away more often, makes your family for one appreciate you more plus it is good for the soul. Sometimes we just need a break from everyday life and pamper ourselves. So today I'll be heading to town to finish up some last minute errands and pick up a few things. I wish the weather would be better, I"m kinda tired of rain.

Monday, April 27, 2009

3 more sleeps to go

Well it is 3 more sleeps until I leave for retreat. I still have lots to do. I still need to cut out the mystery quilt and quilt some fabric to make bags. I need to gather some things for the quilters yard sale. I haven't even made my soup yet to take and share. Going to make some taco soup, love that stuff. But I could eat soup any time of the year. Also need to make some type of dessert/snack to share as well. Not sure on what I'll bring them. Cookies are always a good thing.

I won't even pack my clothes until that morning, since I was reminded on my last post I didn't include that. I even bought some new pj's to wear, a pair of hello kitty lounge pants and a pair of new pink slippers. So all set. I need to get a couple more rechargeable batteries for my camera, hate it when they die out while during show and tell.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things for Retreat

Since I've been getting ready for retreat I thought I would share with you my list of stuff I take with me. I'm such a list maker, always afraid I'm going to forget something.

My list: sewing machine ( that is a given), sewing machine feet, machine cords, extra needles, prewound bobbins, thread, small sissors, large sissors, needle threaders, hand needles, machine sewing oil, makeup eye brush ( i use this to clean the fuzzies out of my machine) , tape measure, small filing board ( great to use for sharpening needle or filing off a burr off of a needle), pattern(s), fabric for project, flannel backed tablecloth ( use it to put my blocks on, design board), tweezers, seam ripper(s), glue stick, pin cushion, extra flower pins, applique pins, rotary cutter with extra blades, masking tape, micro pins, pencils, marking pencils, small screwdriver, extension cord, surge protector, post it notes, pencil sharpener, ott light, small iron and ironing board, a couple of rulers and cutting mat, a foot stool ( great to put my left foot on to keep the pressure off my back), snacks, thread holder, and bandaids.

So what all do you pack that isn't on my list, that i might add???

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Retreat almost here

Hard to believe I'll be leaving for the Ohio Quilters retreat in 16 days. It is so much fun. I've got a great group of ladies coming to this year. We do have so much fun. Last year was one of the best I've every hosted. It was so relaxing, no drama for once, no complaints. I love doing this but at times it becomes so emotional probable due to the fact I take too many things personal. I just want everyone to have a good time. For the past few years I've had some women I just couldn't have made them happy no matter how hard I tried. I guess they finally decided that I couldn't so they decided not to come anymore. But I didn't realize at the time until the following year, after a quite a few gals came up to me & said they were considering not coming any more because of the drama they created. Some of things I didn't even know was going on, talk about being in the dark. Which I thought was so sad to let others take away something that you enjoy. I mean to create drama that others don't even want to sit near you, how sad is that. So this year should be just as fun as last year since everyone is coming back except 4 gals who couldn't make it but are planning for 2010. We've got a rag jacket class, vera bradley style purse and a mystery quilt planned for the weekend. Not including fat quarter bingo which becomes so funny at times. If you've never been to a quilt retreat consider it, only bad thing is once you've been to a good one, you'll want to go to more. Nothing like it, I mean your food is catered in, you have endless sewing time, no time restrictions and sharing the passion that connects you to other women. Plus if you can do some shopping that is topping on the cake, LOL. How could you not like it, well I guess you could if your sitting next to a drama queen(s) that almost demand your attention constantly or whines/complains about everything. If that is the case move quick if you can, or put in some ear buds to zone them out.
ONe of the other hardest things about going to a retreat is figuring out what to bring to work on. I know I overpack too many projects, but oh well never know what tickles my fancy to work on. I haven't even started packing any projects yet!!!! Pray for me, LOL I did however get the goodie bags for the gals all ready, working later today on packing up the door prizes. Maybe once that gets done I'll start packing my own things, I hope.

Have a good day~~~

Monday, March 23, 2009

Retreat Donations

I'm getting ready for the May Ohioquilters email group retreat. We've been getting some wonderful donations to use for door prizes, goodie bags and the raffle that will be benefiting the James cancer center and Ohio diabetic association. It is just like Christmas opening up what the ups or usps drops off. Once they all get here then in a couple of weeks I'll start going through to decide what goes where, get all of the goodie bags stuffed with items, name tags made and the rest of the endless tasks to be completed before I pack my van full of goodies to the retreat. I love going up there to Amish county in beautiful Ohio, so relaxing, great shopping and lots of fun with wonderful group of ladies. I've got a couple of openings if someone is interested in coming, just email me or check out for the information. We are doing a mystery quilt, a rag jacket, a vera bradley style purse, fat quarter bingo, show & tell, plus a few surprises. Everything is all optional to participate or not. Not to mention the wonderful food prepared by a great Mennonite family. Well heading out to the sewing room to work on a surprise for the retreaters. Hard to go out there when it is soooo beautiful outside, tulips are coming up, crocuses are blooming, maybe I'll spend a couple hours in the flower beds.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My new Bag

Well this is the bag I did the other weekend. I just love it. Done with 5" charms. It is sooooo large and roomie. It has become my carry all bag. You see I always have a bag with me to take from house to van, to carry stuff. Since I got my arm damaged 11 years ago, I have a hard time carry things with that arm, sometime it just lets go & I don't when that will happen. So I started carrying a longaberger basket with me or a tote of some kind. I really love those environmental reusable shopping bags from sams club, because they hold a lot of stuff. Well a friend made this bag, I fell in love with it, so I had to make one. I use it all the time now. I can carry my library books, my stuff I have to drop off somewhere and then on the way home from town. i put all of my little bags of things I purchased in it, so I'm not carrying a bunch of stuff at one time. I'm planning on making me a couple more. I thought this would be a great bag to take on trips or on a quilt retreat ( which I have one coming up in May, Yipee!!). It measures almost 20" long and around 9" wide. The only thing I don't like, the pattern calls to make it with fusible fleece, well to me it don't have enough stand up on your own structure. So I'm planning on making my others with some peltex to give it a little more humph!!! Since it is quilted out would hold together so much nicer. I used all kansas troubles fabric. The other ones I'll also use Kt but have some fabric in pinks/browns I'm going to use too.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Finally Done something

Well I did got my antique roses quilt done!!!! Yea~~~ I just need to add another border but not sure what yet. But so glad it is more or less done. I also got the rag quilt done all except the clipping. I'm so not looking forward to doing all of the clipping. I did up 2 pillowcases plus a purse/tote. Finally got some major sewing done. Gosh it felt so good to get somethings done. It has been a long time since I was sewing, way to long. Now I just need to put my sewing room back together. I'm collecting a laundry basket of things to get rid of so hopefully I can add to that today. clutter drives me nuts sometimes, just feels like you can't breathe. It becomes overwhelming to me when it piles up, feels like you don't know where to begin at times. So I try to keep it under control. I feel if you keep it under control you use less time keeping things organized, i have more time to do what I love or want to do. I guess it is a control thing with me, LOL. I hope you all are having a good week & doing some sewing~~~~

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cool Looking Purses

I came across this ladies blog thru my grace machine quilters group. She has some awesome purses & bags for sale. Very pretty indeed. Here is a link to her blog Here is a link to her etsy shop where you can buy them. A little bit of eye candy this morning, since it is 6:30 am here is windy ohio.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sewing Organization - FABRIC part one

Okay first thing we are going to do, you got a whole week to dive into it and try to get it done!!start with your stash, clean them out GF's. keep those fabrics that make your heart sing, bring a tear to your eyes, you just want to pet them, you love the look of them together, and so on. The ones you could do with out, this is the hard part. you can do a few things with them.

1) sew them together and use them for backings of quilts. I've seen some just as pretty as the front. Just put them in a certain spot just for your backing fabrics.

2) measure them out and sell them in yardages, fat quarters, 1/2 yards etc. Use this money from the sell to buy new fabric, storage items, or put it back for an upcomigng retreat you want to attend.

3) donate it to a place that make charity quilts or to your own guild if they do that. Knowing that someone will fall in love with that fabric you no longer love is a great feeling.

4) make some rag quilts or rugs from them. The rag quilts could be kept in your ( or a family members car) to be used if you get stuck in your car, take to a game to keep warm or maybe someone might need one you can give it to as well.

5) make some "blankets" for your local animal shelter, check with them for the requirements.

6) Do a barter system with your quilty friends, make a party out of it, do some trading, never know what your friends might want to barter for to have that fabric.

Anyone else have more ideas. Next week we will talk about storing that gorgeous fabric in various ways, this way it will give you some time to go thru it all, sort it. keep in mind, just because you bought it and no longer love it there is nothing wrong with us women changing our minds or preferences. Think of the sheer pleasure of unloading all of the stress it has on you. Have fun. Have some gals over to help you out. Remember once it is in the " don't love" anymore don't bring it back out UNLESS you put in the backing only pile!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sewing organization part 3

okay ladies we are going to hit up fat quarters ( 18x22" fabric) and 1/2 yardsThese are such yummy little pieces of fabrics that are so hard to resist. So lets start by going thru them. Get rid of the ones that don't appeal to you put them in a seperate pile. Now your Keeper pile, made sure they are all folded up nice and neat. you can seperate them by color or style or whatever suites your taste/needs.

Here are several options to store them babies.

cd towers/holders. These are great to use to store them in, stack them, heck you can hang them on the wall also.

Canvas Shoe Bag that goes into closets. great to use.

Sweater boxes/bags great to store under the bed or stack them.

Shoe Rack holder, cubby holder. aka grid cubes

Fat quarters and 1/2 yards can be folded into 1/4th's then 1/4th's again, which fit nicely into the Sterlite CD boxes on end, so you can see all the fabric in the box

Fat Quilter tote http://store. quilting- warehouse. com/083423. html

Fat Quarter organizer http://store. quilting- warehouse. com/084472. html

cabinet with drawers, placing them upright, way to fit a bunch in one drawer.

baskets you can roll them up secure with yarn or rubber bands

photo boxes, label the outside the colors/style inside

rolling plastic cart with wheels Look in your office supply store for a rolling cabinet. Often, the drawers are the perfect size for these cuts, plus you can pull it over to your sewing area when you're selecting your fabrics.

look for orphan drawers when you're shopping. You can stack your fabric in them and then stand them on a shelf or table. old sewing drawers are cool. make sure to label on the outside what is in the inside as in color, type ( nature, plaids etc)

This eliminates your time searching for that perfect piece. Give you more sewing time.Keep them organized

Avoid really large, deep bins as they are harder to sort through and can get heavy if overloaded

Think outside of the box, get creative and fun with it.Take your pile of i don't love anymore, sell them to buy your storage organizers, take them to your next quilt retreat to play fat quarter bingo ( cause someone might just love your i don't love anymore fabric), give them to someone who makes charity quilts, used them to line the inside of a purse or tote, or at your next quilt guild meeting do a fabric swap. Just don't let them mix with your keeper fabric.

anyone have any other ideas?? Pictures???

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sewing organization part 2

Sorry for the delay but been without power for 4 days due to ice storm here in southern ohio.

Okay you ladies lets start on another part of your sewing room. Hopefully you all are finished with the magazines or atleast near the end.

Books and Patterns~~~Lets's start with patterns. I go thru my patterns every 3-6 months and dish out the ones that no longer "wow" me or inspire me. I've got mine in a square basket so when it get's filled up I go and get rid of the ones that i no long have an interest in. As women you all know our taste change along with our mind, which is what is so great about us. I also have some patterns that I keep in a hanging folder(s) in a file box that is labeled quilt patterns, doll patterns, rug hooking, purse patterns, and so on. You label them to what suites your taste. another idea for those patterns that has those applique pieces that you need to use over and over. I put those in a manilla envelope with the pattern taped on the front so I know what is inside. .

Places to store your patterns:file cabinet or file box ( the plastic kind that holds hanging folders)an accordian type file box,basket, plastic container, cardboard box just the size for those patterns, Mailing boxes , Binders with the sleeves

You can put your items for sale ( here on fridays), ebay, etsy, and so on, give to a fellow quilter or do an exchange with other quilters ( trade patterns) , put on local freecycle, give to senior citizen place where they have recreation director, or give to your guild as a giveaway. The main thing is purging, asking your self how many is a good number to keep on hand & stick to it. Are you really going to make it? Do I like it that much? How long have i had this? (i mean if you haven't made it 5-10 yrs since you bought it most likely you won't)Keep it simple and fun.

Books: This is going to be the hard one. That is why I'm starting it now and you all until this coming sunday to get them done. I really don't keep a lot of books I have maybe around 50 books. The reason is because I don't buy a book unless It has 2-3 quilts or items I want to make out of it, I just can't justify the price. Go thru your books, get three piles going, one that you are definely keeping ( prying it out of your cold dead hands keeping), ones why did I spend my money on this pile, and not sure of pile. After you go thru them all, place the keeping ones back on a shelf. the ones not sure of, go thru them, figure out why do you like them, is it worth keeping, can I do without them. If there is only one project or two in there, make copies of them and put in with your binders/sleeves. No sense of keeping them and taking up space you need. I keep a few reference books, I have 4 total. I don't keep that many because most have the same information in them.

You can make a spreadsheet if you'd like on certain things you want to beable to find quickly as in a reference to making 1/2 square triangles, flying geese or something like that. books you can resale, trade, giveaway, and so on. Just get them out and make some room for new things.

Okay girls lets get to purging. Show us some before & after pictures. Love seeing them

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sewing organization Part One

Well lets get this party started on organizing your sewing/quilting room. Going to Start with magazines. 1st go around and gather up all of your quilting/sewing related magazines. Start thumbing thru them and tear out all of the patterns/quilts you want to make or articles you want to keep. Or make copies of them if you choose that route. The leftover magazines put in a recycling bin, give to senior citizen place, or give to your fellow quilters at your next guild meeting. Make sure you get rid of them no longer then one week. They have recycling bins all over you can throw them into, DON'T keep them any longer then a week. Or if all of the magazines is intact sell them & pay for your next subscription. Then take a regular 3 ring binders and some plastic sleeves (aka binder pockets), place all of the article/patterns you want to keep in those. Make sure the plastic sleeves have 3 holes to match the 3 ring binders. Now to save space use a plastic sleeve to hold 2 patterns, just put them back to back with the picture of the quilt on part facing out. If you have applique pieces or pattern parts, & they go to two different quilts, make copies for one of them. Then put them in the binders for safe keeping. My binders are sorted by, applique quilts, how to ( techniques), machine quilting, and so on. So when I need something I can find it quicker then trying to remember what magazine I saw it in, saves a ton of time. You can purchase your binders, plastic sleeves at walmart, office supply place, dollar stores, ebay or just about anywhere. They come in such fun colors now.

Now if you can't just part with those magazines, you need to get some type of storage system going on to keep it all nice and tidy. I recommend either making your own or buying Magazine files. Now I'm all for recycling if you can so here are a couple links to make your own, heck you can paint them, wallpaper them, contact paper them or glue fabric on them. , here is another one or try this one none of those fit your fancy, just google making your own magazine file. After you get those ready or bought then put your magazines together by the type example: Quick quilting, mccalls patchwork, fons and porter etc. The find a spot to put them on a shelf. When organizing and not having a lot of space always look up along your walls with shelves, great way to keep stuff off the floor, looks nicer and you can always see what you have. Now the key here is limiting yourself to a certain amount of binders or magazine files. Seriously think of a number and stick to it. In our lifetime are we really going to make them all, nope didn't think so but you can always go back pull the ones that don't work for you and replace them with new ones from time to time. You need to keep it manageable size otherwise you will so overwhelmed & that is when the you get piles of stuff laying around.

While going thru your magazines keep these things in mind to help sort them: Is this something I'm really going to make? why do I like this? Do I have a duplicate pattern or article? Do i have the room to keep it all? This is cute but will I really use or make it within the next 3 years?

One gal told me she after the magazines come she keeps them less then a month, then rips out the things she wants to keep and recycles the magazine. She said the stress of all of the magazines laying around gets her stressed out, unproductive and lazy.

Okay will post another part come Monday. You have 4 days to get this part completed. After you done that sit back and relax. Remember just have fun with it~~ don't forget to post a link on your blog so you can be put in a drawing for something.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Organizing your sewing room

We started talking on ohioquilters yahoo group about our sewing rooms, which really got me to thinking a lot about mine plus organizing them. I love to go in and organize things, for some people it is overwhelming to get rid of things, organize them, fun to see what you find, plus emotional. One gal is having a hard time getting motivated to get started, which I can so understand. So I decided to have a little fun here too. I'm going to post what we are to work on for the next two days into organizing your sewing room no matter the size. If you post me a comment with a before/after picture if you can on your blog, a link to where it is at. I'll put you in a drawing for some charms, fat quarters or pattern. I'll do this weekly on here. I'm also in need of doing some straightening up myself. I'll start this tomorrow. Some things you can do in a day or some may take a couple of days. Just remember to have fun with it~~

Monday, January 12, 2009

What a life~~~ I want it!!

Don't I wish I had her life. I laid out some rows of my rag quilt I'm working on well went off to fold some laundry, put some more in the washer, came back , look what I saw~~

I guess after Miz Night Vision after messing up my layout, she decided to take a nap. What a life, just all fun & games to her. I want it, no more laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, or mopping the floors. Hopefully once I get a few more things done I'll cut out some more 6" squares and do some more rows completed. I was hoping to get it done this past weekend but I got some books in the mail, so I made a pot of soup, baked a pie & yeast rolls, then laid around the living room reading a whole book. I hadn't done that for a long time, felt kinda good. So today I thought I better get caught up laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, did some dishes, and some cleaning on the bathroom. I still haven't figured out how a house with 3 guys ( two boys & one man) can't seem to keep a tolet clean, I mean it isn't like the hole is only a couple inches round to pee in, geesh. I think I'll go back to put the cleaner in the bowl so next time they have to go they can clean the darn thing, LOL.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Back to Sewing

Well I started on the blue rag quilt, I sewed 3 strips of 13. Each square is 6" wide, doing 13 squares across to get one strip. Not sure on how long just yet, going to play it by ear so to speak. I cut out 100 batting squares so far, but should go thru them pretty quickly. The weather man is calling for freezing rain, rain all this weekend so hopefully will get it completed to take to the laundry mat to wash & dry on Monday. I don't think I want to deal with all strings with my washer/dryer here at home. I don't know if I like sewing flannel yet, pretty slippery stuff. Having to pin it to keep in place is a pain in the butt. I believe I'll do a checker board style pattern. the dark blue playing off the white is pretty contrast, using variegated blue thread to sew the X in the middle. The light blue is pretty as the backing. I forgot I had that light blue paisley, found it looking in my stash of flannels. Wonder what else I've got in my stash, LOL.

Here is a picture of the fabric I'm using. I tried to find some other blue to use but couldn't find the right shade so settled on white, which does make it pop in blue color.

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Winner is~~~

Well the winner is........................Shasta!!! Congrats and thanks for the answers.

The kids are finally back in school, husband back to work after being on vacation, I've got the whole house to myself again. Yea!!! Could almost do cartwheels in celebration but hadn't done that in 20 years, if I tried I might hurt myself or someone in the process.

Had a wonderful lunch today, went to a cool Mexican place, got together with a couple girlfriends to discuss the upcoming OhioQuilters Sit & Sew Retreat. They have been wonderful helpers to me with this great quilt retreat. I know it will be here before I know it. So many things to do. We picked out a simple yet all level skill mystery quilt, a rag jacket, fat quarter bingo, and waiting on one gal to get back to me about doing a purse. These are all optional which is nice, you can do what you want there.

Got about 100 pieces of warm & natural batting cut out for my rag quilt, hah finally in the mood I think. Tomorrow while doing laundry ( i still wonder where all it comes from) I'll cut out the blue paisley & white, hopefully will get the back done as well. Then let the sewing begin!!! Watch out it is going to very cold in Ohio if you know what I mean, :o) I'll be sewing. I thought about using some decorative stitching in the X part of the square but once that thought came in my lil head, then it screamed are you nuts do you know how much thread that would use, let alone the time, LOL. I guess when I start you'll find out what I decided. I think it would be a pretty added touch hhhmmmmmm.................... I do have a lot of blue thread, just sitting there on my shelf.