Thursday, July 30, 2009

End of July

Well it is the end of July. Hard to believe the year is 1/2 over. I got my sewing machine back, she is all cleaned, timing back in tuned, and she has been put back on her frame to begin quilting. Ma & Pa Kettle did a wonderful job with her. If you need a janome or any other machine fix, your around frankfort, ohio area I would recommend them highly. they are in the phone book or google them.

Josh ( my oldest son) is offically in business. We signed the leased, got the licenses, banking accounts and things all set up. Josh's Skate Shop hope will be opened in a couple of weeks, the building was in a great shape so not a lot of work there. He is pretty excited. and so am I~~ So if your in the chillicothe area, be sure to check out Josh's Skate shop at 86 west water. He will be selling skateboards, accessories, and apparel.

Getting ready for a weekend getaway before I have my foot surgery on the 14th. Sooo looking forward for it, now I just need to get my exchange bag all filled up with quilting goodies, making a list of things to bring, and get some projects together to work on. I'm wanting to make up some more pillowcases, want to make a blue/cream quilt to go in my living room.

well we decided to redo our living room in mist of all of this chaos of helping my son with his shop, getaway coming up, and surgery. Woke up last monday to get husbands lunch ready for him, he said " start looking for some flooring for the living room" I about fell out of bed. I've been wanting to redo the living room for a long, long time. I've been talking with him on painting the paneling, so now we went gun ho~~~ We painted the walls in a "winter wheat", picked out some medium oak, laminated wood floor ( which is going in come tomorrow) and still going to pick out a large throw rug maybe next week. I'm so glad this is getting done & turning out so beautiful.

I'll post pictures once it gets done.


ann said...

sounds like the living room will be beautifu...glad it will be done so you will be able to enjoy it after surgery

Bianca said...

It sounds like life is going well for you. I am happy for you! I will be keeping you in my prayers, and hope you will recover quickly from your Surgery.