Monday, July 20, 2009

Where has the summer gone??

So where has 1/2 the summer gone?? I mean geesh I just got back from a quilt retreat in May, my son graduated finally. He got top honors in the Business classes, Yea Josh~~ We are so proud of him. Now he is on his own adventure of opening up his own skateboard shop, we've been working very hard on the business plan, finances and figuring it all out. Looking to opening it up come August if all goes well, keeping fingers crossed along with lots of prayers. I haven't been quilting much at all, got into a major slump with it. I'm planning on getting away in a couple of weeks, so that is the motivation I need. I've cut out some 9" squares to do bulleyes blocks figured it would be a good way to use up some scraps, plus a few of us are going to swap out some blocks. One of my quilt machines bit the dust, well the timing went out on my Janome 1600 dbx, taking it to the doctor today to make it all better. I can't complain about her because she is going on 4 years old & has performed wonderfully.

What do you all do to keep motivated?????

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Bianca said...


I get motivated to quilt by listening to Audio Books about quilting. It kind of transplants my mind back to Quilt Retreat.