Saturday, September 10, 2011

What do you do??

So what do you all do with Fabric you don't no longer love? Do you give away? Do you sell it? I'm curious. As you all know I started revamping my sewing room once again. Today I pulled out a ton, I mean a ton of homespun fabric I used in dollmaking/quilting that is taking up much needed space. I've got plaids and solids as well. Then I started on another drawer of country colors filled up two huge paper bags of scraps, fat quarters & large pieces. Then I filled a leaf garbage bag filled with large pieces of batting. ( why I was keeping all of that I have no clue) Next I tackled one of my craft making drawers, another bag filled to the brim. I piled my extra sewing desk, plus the table that holds my copier high with stuff I really no longer want, which got me thinking what to do with it. Should I ebay it? Etsy it? give away to someone in need? yard sale it? Tomorrow I think I'll try to tackle my patterns/books. I look at some of this stuff and wonder why did I spend my money on that.. ggeesh I must have been out of my mind. Give me some idea's ladies... who know I may send something to someone if I love their idea...

Have a blessed day~~~~