Friday, September 25, 2009

End of month

Well already end of the month. Time just seems to be flying by. I'm still not walking on my own yet, I'm partial weight bearing now which is a lot better then mashing the couch. I can't wait to get back to driving and doing things I want to do, LOL I'm looking forward to a get away next weekend. I need it, so bad, to be around some wonderful giving, fun ladies just hanging out, talking, relaxing, and just some plain ole girl time. I feel it is important for women to have time to ourselves being ourselves and turning off the wife/mother/sister/helper mode. The group of gals I'll be spending time with are truely wonderful ladies. They are such giving caring women. It is such an honor to know each one of them with their own personalities. We each have different backgrounds, lifestyles and personalities but we accept, appreciate each other, which is so nice. That is why I look forward to my 3 weekend getaways a year with them. Ladies if you are reading this, you ladies ROCK!!!

I'm not sure what I'm going to bring to sew on, but I'm sure will find something to do. Not like I don't have kits all ready to sew and do, hehehe. I'm hoping to get out in the sewing room this weekend. I've been doing some hand work on a couple wallhangings, lots of buttonhole stitching. But I'm sooo done with that, well once it gets done I will be. I can't wait to get to do some quilting on the frame. Maybe because the weather has changed to fall, summer is hard time for me to get into sewing always has been.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

wow been a month

well it has been well over a month since my last posting. geesh were has the time gone??? Well lets see I got my living room all done, new laminated wood floor, freshly painted walls, and all new trim. Looks so pretty. Well also my son Josh has opened up his own business right out of high school. they did an article on him in our local paper. I hope this link works. :) Here it is

He has done so well, I hope he continues to do so. He has worked so hard, plus working a part time job after working at the skateboard shop.

In the mean time, i had foot surgery on August 14th. Dr. Janis out of columbus, took out a bone chip, redone my ankle ligament/tendon, realigned my big toe (damaged after year of wearing heels) and cleaned out the cartiledge. So right now I'm in a cast until Septembe 15th then therapy. It has been a life changing experience. I've read a ton of books, stitched a santa wallhanging (lot of buttonhole stitching by hand) and watching mind numbing tv. Clyde has been wonderful since I can't walk on my foot, he has been fixing dinner, doing laundry and light housekeeping, plus Caleb has been helping as well. I'm sure he can't wait till I'm back to "my job" as a domestic engineer.

Now I'm stitching on a pumpkin wall hanging hopefully be done this week. Hopefully I can start back into posting. I'm also on facebook under Carolyn Detty Carl