Monday, February 02, 2009

Sewing organization part 2

Sorry for the delay but been without power for 4 days due to ice storm here in southern ohio.

Okay you ladies lets start on another part of your sewing room. Hopefully you all are finished with the magazines or atleast near the end.

Books and Patterns~~~Lets's start with patterns. I go thru my patterns every 3-6 months and dish out the ones that no longer "wow" me or inspire me. I've got mine in a square basket so when it get's filled up I go and get rid of the ones that i no long have an interest in. As women you all know our taste change along with our mind, which is what is so great about us. I also have some patterns that I keep in a hanging folder(s) in a file box that is labeled quilt patterns, doll patterns, rug hooking, purse patterns, and so on. You label them to what suites your taste. another idea for those patterns that has those applique pieces that you need to use over and over. I put those in a manilla envelope with the pattern taped on the front so I know what is inside. .

Places to store your patterns:file cabinet or file box ( the plastic kind that holds hanging folders)an accordian type file box,basket, plastic container, cardboard box just the size for those patterns, Mailing boxes , Binders with the sleeves

You can put your items for sale ( here on fridays), ebay, etsy, and so on, give to a fellow quilter or do an exchange with other quilters ( trade patterns) , put on local freecycle, give to senior citizen place where they have recreation director, or give to your guild as a giveaway. The main thing is purging, asking your self how many is a good number to keep on hand & stick to it. Are you really going to make it? Do I like it that much? How long have i had this? (i mean if you haven't made it 5-10 yrs since you bought it most likely you won't)Keep it simple and fun.

Books: This is going to be the hard one. That is why I'm starting it now and you all until this coming sunday to get them done. I really don't keep a lot of books I have maybe around 50 books. The reason is because I don't buy a book unless It has 2-3 quilts or items I want to make out of it, I just can't justify the price. Go thru your books, get three piles going, one that you are definely keeping ( prying it out of your cold dead hands keeping), ones why did I spend my money on this pile, and not sure of pile. After you go thru them all, place the keeping ones back on a shelf. the ones not sure of, go thru them, figure out why do you like them, is it worth keeping, can I do without them. If there is only one project or two in there, make copies of them and put in with your binders/sleeves. No sense of keeping them and taking up space you need. I keep a few reference books, I have 4 total. I don't keep that many because most have the same information in them.

You can make a spreadsheet if you'd like on certain things you want to beable to find quickly as in a reference to making 1/2 square triangles, flying geese or something like that. books you can resale, trade, giveaway, and so on. Just get them out and make some room for new things.

Okay girls lets get to purging. Show us some before & after pictures. Love seeing them

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