Monday, January 11, 2010

bought fabric finally

Well after a week inside due to lots of snow and Caleb not having school, it felt great getting out doing some shopping. Had lunch with a friend, ate way to much olive garden salad but went the healthy route with soup instead of one of their yummy lunch items. First started out at Joann fabrics, walked out with a magazine, yep that is it, good girl.... Stopped at Hobby lobby no fabric or quilty items bought, but did manage a wonderful smelling candle Carmel latte, almost could eat that puppy it smelt so good. I also got some items for a bracelet, might wear it tonight to women's fellowship meeting once I put together. Made another stop at the library, then thought hhhmm been awhile since I've been in the quilt shop one block up. ( Darn it for being on the street that heads out of town, the conspiracy) So in I go... Was greeted with hey end of the bolt sale this week. Buy end of the bolt and get 30% off well, gee thanks just what I needed to hear especially after I've tried being a good girl and use my stash first. I mean a sale is music to a quilters ears, makes her want to do a little dance or a cart wheel or two while saying "wwweeeeee". So I did very very good, I came out with 3 pieces of fabric, after putting down 4 more bolts. I thought well I don't get paid until wednesday so if they are still there they are mine, a sign right??? Here is what I got:

The green is a Kansas Trouble wildflower Serenade. The tan/greenish/blue is a Portabello Market by 3 sisters. The dark brown with the pink is Collection for a Cause. I had some of the brown/pink from an earlier purchase thought well just incase I can't get it anymore better get it now since at my LQS once it is gone it is gone from that shop. Headed home finally. Now tomorrow to work on some BOM for Ohioquilters group and do the January ones from my online KT group. oh to sew again, hopefully this year a lot better then last year. No mojo for sewing, just couldn't get into for some reason.


Bianca said...


I love your fabrics. I know how you feel with these LQS Traps. I think the dye in fabric works like Catnip. LOL We get lured into the store, buy like crazy, and when we come to, we are in our sewing area, cutting it all up. LOL

I wish I could send you some sewing mojo. I think I am on an overload.

Carolyn a Ohioquilter said...

Thanks Bianca, love the comment about catnip. Too funny. I'm slowly getting back into things.