Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January BOM

Here is the January BOM. This is my first try at this so please be patient with me. Hopefully I explain it in laymens terms. Keep in mind use a scant 1/4" seam. Usually after I sew a section I measure to make sure I have that 1/4" seam.

First you will need 3 fabrics, one light, one medium, and one dark. This is great to use your scraps. It makes ONE finished 12" block.

Light fabric you will need ONE- 7 1/4" square, ONE 6 1/2" square and FOUR 3 1/2" squares cut out. Medium Fabric you will need TWO - 4 1/4" squares. Dark fabric you will need TWO - 4 1/4" squares cut out. Now the picture will say Medium but the Navy should be DARK fabric instead of MEDIUM. Sorry

Now you will need to take the 7 1/4" Light fabric and cut it into forths. Cut corner to corner to get 4 triangles. Both the Medium & Dark squares you will need to cut into forths. Cut corner to corner to get a total of 8 triangles out of each square.Next match up your Medium and Dark triangle to look like the picture. You will need to make 4 sets of each side. Make sure you trim off the "dog ears" and press them to the light side. Pressing and trimming make the blocks turn out nice.

Take your medium/dark triangles and match them up with the light triangles. Sew up one set of triangles do all four, press and trim. Then sew up the other set of triangles down the other side of the light triangles. Press and trim. Should have a total of 4 sets.

Then take 2 of the triangle sets and sew the 4 squares on the ends. Take the reminding two triangle sets and sew them along the large 6 1/2" light square.

The last part is matching the seams and sewing the block together. The blocks is called Aunt Addie's Album. I hope you like the block, it is one of my favorites. Looks like a star. Let me know what you think. Have a great day.

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