Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wow End of the Month

Hard to believe it is end of the month already, this year is flying by. Before long Christmas will be here & then singing in the new year.

Hadn't done too much quilting this past week or so, this darn weather is havoc on my fibro. Been sleeping a lot, plus body been hurting. I'm going to have make an appointment with a massage therapist, I've been reading that is does help with fibro so going to give it a shot.

The boys last day is this Friday so been trying to get them all finished up, report done & handed in, studying for finals, plus other "fun" things going on for them. It is fun for the kids but not the parents I think sometimes.

Been cleaning out my sewing room in between everything else, so got a huge pile of things to sell on ebay or somewhere. Trying to save up some cash when I go down to Holden beach this October, gotta hit Mary Jo's on the way, wouldn't be a trip without that. But that darn gas keeps creeping up which takes some of my fun money away, darn those oil guys don't they realize they are messing with mama's fabric cash, shame on them.

Hope everyone is sewing for me, the orange crush mystery is sitting nicely in it's container waiting for me to put it together, along with the other 18 kits i have waiting on me, LOL.


Hannies Annies said...

wow I know how you feel with the fibro, as I have it too! just make sure you have a massage therapist that is knowlegible with fibro, as some are not. My daughter owns a massage therapy spa in Derry Nh..and she informs me to be very careful about who you go to so you don't end up in more pain!!

Helz said...

Hello There Carolyn... Your Comment About the Oil Companies Messin With Mamma's Fabric Cash had my DDH & I chuckling away!!! Take Care.

Hannies Annies said...

how did the massage therapist go? did it help the fibro? I have it and don't know what to do..

love the gardens and flowers, and most of all the quilt, your dad's quilt is so nice and I must say I love the green!!!