Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Quilting Day

Well today spending the whole day out in the quilting room in between loads of laundry. There is always something going on in the house. I've got my dad's fish quilt done, he wanted something simple well he got it. :) So today I'll be loading it on the frame & quilting it out today. Not sure how i'm going to quilt it but will think of something i'm sure. He is not picky at all but I still want it too look nice. Going to give it to him for his birthday on Friday he will be 64~~~ I made him a quilt about a year or so ago, well come to think of it was about 2 christmas ago when I gave it to him, but he said he was too short didn't cover his feet, LOL. I made a lap, but he was using it in his camper when he stayed down at fish camp. So he wanted to just to sew along the bottom a 10" piece of quilted flannel, now how tacky would that be!!!!! I"m surprised he didn't do it himself. I told him nope wasn't going to do that I'd make him a longer one. So I pieced a simple design, made it 86" long and 66" wide. He didn't want a too big of one cause it was for the camper, getting kinda picky in his old age, but I guess he has lived long enough he can. I'll post a picture once I get it quilted out today.

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Love your bag!