Tuesday, June 24, 2008

wow June is almost over~~

Where is the time going to?? Geesh~~~ Time is sure flying here in Ohio. I haven't quilted much at all seems like this whole month running the boys here and there. Caleb joined an after school program for the first two weeks, well the boy went up to cosi, the aquarium is Cincinnati, paints baseball game, swimming, Tecumseh, and lots of other places. He sure had fun those two weeks.

We made it thru vacation bible school which was fun over 100 kids showed up this year. What a blessing that is.

Josh starts his summer job at school next week, yea~~~ He got his four wisdom teeth pulled yesterday which he seems to be doing fine so far. Fingers crossed here. We've been planting the garden, and flowers. Have all of that done. We had a heck of a rain storm a couple weeks ago which flooded my sewing room in half of it. thank God it was the half that wasn't the cabinets with my fabric. The rest was fine cause they were all in totes on the floor which kept them water free. :) yea!!

Hoping to start quilting next week, on Miz gracie I really want to get these tops completed. Missed NQA show this year, so happy to hear they are keeping it in Columbus another three years. They were discussing it going to st. Louis cause Columbus hadn't signed a renewal contract with them.

I've posted some pictures of my flowers and finally my dad's fish quilt which is sooo green!! but he loved it and wanted it that way. LOL.

Hope your having a great summer.


Kristie said...

You have been busy! Love the quilt! Your flowers are beautiful.

Shelina said...

That's a lovely green quilt Carolyn. Your garden looks nice.