Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A little bit about me~~~

Well lets see, I live in Ohio and have for all of my life. I've been quilting going on 16 yrs now & still lovin' it. I mostly lean towards traditional patterns with some primitive style thrown in there. I love the soft muted muddled colors and also the deep dark rich reds/mustards/blacks and such. I also enjoy working in my flower gardens i have, a small vegetable garden, and primitive doll making. I belong to a couple of quilt guilds which are a lot of fun. I'm married for 16 years have 2 sons ages 15 & 8, which my boys are a handfull in themselves. We also cater to our babies which are our 5 cats. hhmmmm let's see I'm a stay at home mom going on 8 years which is a job in itself, gosh working outside the home seemed a lot easier in a lot of ways. I have a 16x24' sewing area all mine, my sweet husband converted one of the garages on our property in to my "quilting" area in which i have my grace machine quilter, all of my fabrics, vintage trims ect and filled with things that make me smile~~~

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