Friday, January 27, 2012

Thread Catcher & Retreats

Here is another one I made today, which is a pincushion thread catcher. I've got a few more cut out to take into the quilt shop to sell. I may make some modifications to the pattern. Basically going to tweak it some.

So I decided to start my list for the February Quilt Retreat to bring list. I'm so like my Mom who was the master list maker. She labeled & made lists for everything. She has taught me well. :-) I'm looking forward to see the gals since I didn't make it to the one on New Year's Eve retreat. We are doing a bullseye swap, so I'm hoping to get some to swap with the gals. I'm not sure what I'm taking yet, but I usually end up bring a few projects in case I get board. I'm going to some things of fabric to sell if they want to buy, with the monies going towards an embroidery machine or another retreat. We've added a few more gals to the group which has worked out wonderful. They are so drama free, laid back and lots of fun. I love spending time with gals that quilt, you would be surprised how much you have in common since you have a common bond. Most of the gals I've came across can cook amazingly, love to have fun & laugh, and are such givers. Now I have came across some sour pusses, which love to have everything about them ( so much drama), and so on but they come & go. But 98% of the quilters I've met are some awesome people, so glad I love quilting because it has brought some great people in my life.I"m so blessed for the wonderful quilting friends I have in my life, you gals know who you are!!!!

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