Friday, January 06, 2012

Welcome 2012~~

Hard to believe it is now 2012, which I hope it is better then 2011. It was a rough year last year with my son's accident, losing my mom & battling with my step family over my mom's things. So I'm hoping & lots of praying that this year will be so much better. I'm finally getting back into quilting, which is such wonderful therapy.

My son Josh has flown the coop he now has his own place & loves it. I'm dealing with it, but the best part we moved my sewing room into his old bedroom. So I think I got the best deal. He is missed but it is time. I love having the new room, but I can't fit everything in there so I've been getting boxes from the quilt shop & loading them up to have a huge Yard Sale!!! I'm putting the money made to go to my new quilting machine or embroidery machine fund. I've been copying patterns from books, filing them away in plastic sleeves in binders so I can save on space. Some of the books I've bought over the years only have one or two I love so I'm getting rid of the rest.

I've came across a bunch of "what the heck was I thinking" fabric let alone a few other crafty things. I asked myself was I on drugs or PMSing at the time?? I must have been so depressed I didn't care what I bought type fabric. So I've measured it out and put a price on it, out the door.

My husband finally got a glimpse into my "stash" needless to say he was amazed~~ That is putting it lightly, LOL. He brought in my fabric cabinets, which didn't include the other fabric places stashed on the shelves, in baskets and forgotten places. I'm so busted was my first thought, but he handled it quite well. He didn't pass out or anything, I was so proud of him. LOL. He just said wow honey you have lots of money out here, I replied yep that is my retirement so when I'm old I can still play with nice fabric. But on the serious side I didn't realize just how much I did have. My eye were opened~~

Thanks to Margaret for the challenge to get back to blogging, which I've neglected, so I'm back baby~~~ Yea!!!


Bianca said...

I hope your new year will be 1000% better than the last.
I kow how it feels when you get an idea of the fabric stash. I finally got all mine in the same place, and decided to go into scrap quilting, and only buy backing, or background fabric as needed. I certainly need to use up what I have for a while. LOL

Mags said...

And it's so good to see you back :-)

Mags said...

So glad to see you back :-)