Friday, January 20, 2012

New Sewing Room

I moved my sewing room from the finished little garage on our property to the house after my son moved out. Which let me tell you has been a chore in itself. The bad thing is the husband got to see all of my quilting and dollmaking stuff first hand. That was scary.... he didn't realize how much I had and to be honest I didn't either. So we brought in the cabinets, miz gracie, my cutting table, bought a new cabinet for just my KT fabric ( yes it needed it's own place) and most of my storage containers, some new some old. I'm still working on transfering items in the new space. So as I'm slowly sorting items I'm going to be selling A LOT of items, the money to go towards either an embroidery machine, larger throat machine for miz gracie or something else. I've got a lot of fabric, some notions, primitive dollmaking things, quilt tops, and so much more. Here are some pictures of the new space, still have more to do, like putting up my large shelf my Dad made to put up things that people have given me or make me smile, some things need to put on the walls.

Here is my sewing thread, mini quilt I made, this all sits by where I sew so if I want to watch TV.
My Bullinton board holds a lot of my favorite pictures, cards and things. The shelf holds container of quilt kits or blocks to be put together.

Here are my Cabinets filled with fabric, seperated by color or style. On top is baskets filled with patterns or small kits. The drawers have 1" - 5" squares cut out in them.

Here is my Machine Thread Holder my Dad made me, hhhmm looking kinda bare.This one of my shelves, it holds a picture of my Mom & me, the quilt is one I made her, she stitched on it and was one of her favorite things. I love this, my brother made the shelf for her so after her passing I got it. Such a treasure to me.

I'll post more later of the sewing room. :-) Have a blessed Day~~~

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Sandra J. Strickler said...

Let us know when you have stuff to sell - my inventory is depressingly low!!!