Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stitchin 3" Finished Paper Pieced Blocks

 Well I'm stitchin on a lot of 3" Finished Mini Paper Pieced Blocks. I've been selling a lot of them on ebay ( id is antiques4me2) or on Etsy ( the Ole Country Quilt) and have tons of fun of them doing them. If you have never paper pieced give it a whirl it is quite fun. A friend of my the late Nancy Watson taught me years ago, and I started getting back to it. Below is a selection of some that I've been doing in Civil War Reproductions, Kansas Troubles, and 1930's reproductions fabrics. There make up into some really cute reproduction small quilts.


Doniene said...

What wonderful little blocks!! I have never paper pieced - may have to try it some day!!


Bianca said...

Those blocks are just beautiful.WOW, I am impressed with your ability to make these tiny blocks. I hope your online business is really successful.