Wednesday, February 03, 2010

February BOM

Well here is the block I picked out for February. it is called Rosebud, how fitting for the "love" month. Now when you pick out your fabric for this block you can go 2 ways. (1) you can use 2 color fabrics OR (2) Use 3 color fabrics, like I did, i mostly picked 3 colors because I was thinking of a flower bud.
Still doing a 12" finished Block
Out of the Light fabric cut 2 squares size 6 7/8" and cut 6 squares size 2 7/8". **** Please note when I do triangles I bump up the next size because I have a problem with my triangles coming out right, then once they are sewn I trim them. Use your own way***
Our of the dark/Medium fabric cut 2 squares 4 7/8" and 4 squares 2 7/8". **** Now if your doing a 3 color ways which is what mine is done in the 4 squares need to be of a lighter color***
Take your light/dark 2 7/8" squares, put them RST (right sides together) mark a line from one point to another, you will have 2 extra light squares, set those aside.

you will sew 1/4" down both sides of the line you marked, cut those in half to get 1/2 square triangles. You will have 8 sets, Press and cut off the dog ears.

Now take the remainder of all of your squares and cut in 1/2 to form triangles. ( yes all of them all light dark/medium)Take the four light small triangles and sew them as posted in the pictures. press and trim.

then take the 4 7/8" dark/medium triangles and sew them to the smaller triangles. press and trim. Check out the pictures.

Take the large light triangles and sew them onto the "bud" to get a "block". You Should have four of
them. Then sew the four "blocks" to make one large block as scene in the picture. I hope you like this block, Next month promise no triangles. LOL.

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