Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home From AQS Knoxville show

Got home early Evening yesterday from the AQS Show in Knoxville, Tenn. Had such a wonderful time spending with friends, sewing, going to some local quilt shows, and the Quilt show as well.
So lets start with the AQS Show. Very nice show, nicely put together. Lots of different type of vendors, would have like to seen some different designers or quilt pattern companies. I'd like to see some of the shops lower some of their prices as well. Yardages were around $9.00- $10.00, fat quarters were around $2.50,not a lot of "deals" going on. I like going to a quilt show trying to find something different, a deal or maybe see a sample and think "wow" I gotta have it. Which I did have a couple of "wow" moments but they were sold outta of the kits, on the first day!! Which shows they had some great samples made up. There was a great variety of quilts on display.There was a lot of "bling" on the them, but my heart tugs on the traditional quilts. I do wonder where the ones that are hand quilted, with a spin on a traditional blocks. I do get tired of the contempory ones. I can respect them, enjoy the creativity, and appreciate them but they don't make me want to make them.
The area quilt shops around seiverville / pigeon forge area was fun. We stopped at machine quilting by Iva. Very nice shop, friendly staff, great selection, and very clean. Lots of patterns, not a whole lot of books ( but I'm not a book person so didn't bother me), lots of purse books, and nice selection of different kinds of fabrics. Now they do have a dog in there to greet you. The gals were nice/friendly and lots of help. Lots of nooks and crannies to check out. Would go back in a heart beat.
Stopped in to Pappy's Quilt Shop in Marysville. Worth the drive. Very opened area, clean, lots of selections. Like the type of fabric grouped together. ( 30's, kansas troubles, black/whites), not too much on machine quilting thread, no biggie there. Nice selection of samples to drool over. Have a indoor/outdoor gray cat there, so just a note on that.Prices on fabric were very nice $8.00 and up. Some great strips they did themselves. The owner was there and was very friendly and her staff was fun and helpful. Really like it.
The other one is the Cherry Pit down in Seiverville. I have this in my Quilt Sampler so was excited to visit it. They had some wonderful samplers, great fat quarter selection. Hardly any thread just one kind. Different selection of fabric. I wasn't very thrilled with the staff, seemed kinda snobbish in a way, which might have been because they were a little busy. One gal wanted to take a picture of the shop, & the one gal said NO, almost in a harsh tone which I felt embarresed the gal with the camera. Then the lady went on in a very harsh tone, we don't let anyone take pictures unless you buy a kit & you take a picture of that only. After that I was ready to go. I did however buy some oranges for pumpkins. Their prices were on the $9.00 plus end. I don't know if I would return there or not, maybe change my mind in another setting or if wasn't busy. wait and see on that one.
I know I had a great time overall..... can't wait to go next year I hope to asked back. :)
will post more later.

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