Tuesday, July 27, 2010

School Supplies!!! yea~~~

Who doesn't like to see shelves filled with new school supplies at some wonderful prices??? Me, Me, and Me~~~ I was always like a magnet with school or office supplies.
Well after visiting Wal Greens today getting some good deals on school supplies for Caleb PLUS getting some for me as well. Nope not going back to school but to use in my quilt room.
Great deals on the following at area stores.
Binders great colors to use to store patterns, magazine patterns ( cut out and throw/donate the rest of the magazine), or articles. Plus a lot of the sleeves to put them in on sale as well.
Mechanical Pencils Yep a whole package for $1.00 great to use in the sewing room.
Glue Sticks - nothing like the washable glue sticks for Paper piecing.
Tracing paper to use for paper piecing and applique pieces as well.
Paper nothing like stocking up so you can print out those great patterns/articles on the web, then stash them in the binder you just bought
Calculators some in great flashy color that scream you, to do those math/measurement problems.
Notebooks nothing like using them to write your dream quilts to do, make a list of the books you have so you can make sure you don't buy another one. How many of us have done that.. plus they come in some neat designs/colors/sizes. I know one gal glues snippets of fabric in a small notebook to keep with her in case she finds something to go with it..
Post it Pads great for marking magazine patterns/ideas you want to go back through, or on in a book, or to use on tops to make their measurements so you don't forget.
Dry Erase Boards great to use to doodle machine quilting designs.
Totes great time to find some cool colors to store projects in, fabric, and lots more.
Labeling Gun label those totes and binders so you can quickly find that project.
File Boxes use to store patterns in there under purses/applique/seasons etc.

Am I missing any more???? Any other ideas???

Please feel free to share them, I'd love to hear some more...


Shasta said...

I agree with you - school supplies are awesome, especially with the wonderful back to school sales. I bought all sorts of file boxes, post it notes, and three ring binders. I usually get those penny things, for charity, but I haven't gotten a chance to do much school shopping yet. Hopefully there are lots more good sales coming up.

Shasta said...

Oh - I like markers - the washable kind are great for tracing applique patterns on freezer paper, and the permanent ones for doing art quilts. and for labeling quilts. and crayons are great for art quilts too.