Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Weekend, yep another Retreat~~

Yep you read it right another retreat.... Gosh they are so addicting but I guess when you have such a great group of gals, wonderful cooks, lots of laughter, throw in some shopping and some sewing, how could you not want to go on every one you can... I just love all of the sharing we do, plus getting in some major sewing time. Having "Girl" time is so important I think especially now with everyone so busy anymore. Got to make time for yourself, plus just being around some wonderful people makes a big difference. A few girls couldn't make it one was having a major tooth pulled, and one other (I'm assuming) had family stuff come up, they were missed but hopefully can make it to the next one. Everyone seemed to be extemely relaxed, less stressed and the overall atmosphere was great.
I did sew 3 table runners, 18 sets of 4 coasters, bound 2 wallhangings, cut out one more wallhanging, and started another purse. Now we did a little bit of shopping I was a good girl only purchased 10 yards of muslin, 8 yards of fabric, a couple of pictures and a couple of autumn style ornaments.
I think today I'll quilt out those table runners and get them bound so I can put them in the craft mall ( BTW if your in Chillicothe, I'm in the craft mall on high street, very nice one, I'm in the first row.).
Can't wait for my last one of the year which will be in October, then start getting ready for 2011 ones!!!
Well Laundry is calling my name, man I need a maid so I can sew more, LOL.
Many blessings to you all..

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Deb said...

Hi Carolyn,
Just a quick note to say "HI" and let you know im a blogger now. YA :) Thanks for all you do to make such special get together's for us. I really need something else like this to focus on with each day becoming more stresful looking for a new job. Stop by it's still a work in progress. Thanks again. Love Ya, Deb