Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tackled the Sewing Room

Today I tackled the sewing room( aka the lil garage) after church. What a way to spend the afternoon away. Turned up the radio, and away I went. I've been such a slob lately since I've had 6 retreats, working on things for craft mall ( check out my booth if you near chillicothe, Ohio @ Chillicothe Craft Mall, sorry couldn't resist the plug.), plus helping my dad with 2 huge yard sales. Did I mention my family everyday life, nope, well enough said on that...cause you all know how family life can cut into your sewing time. Oh plus things going on with Church..

I cleaned off my crafting table first, then put away all of my fabrics, blocks, patterns and sewing stuff that has been piling up on my tables and shelves. I had my sweet husband put up a new design wall. ( well the old flannel tablecloth had seen better days.) He also brought out the shop vac from the big garage so I can sweep the concrete floor, suck up those pesky cob webs, I mean I know it is halloween time in all but I wasn't decorating with them on purpose. I wiped off all of the tables, sewing machine(s), even cleaned off miz gracie as well. I did get a pile of "it is out of here" stuff to bring to my family's quilt meeting on Sunday. Hopefully they will take most of it off my hands.

Tomorrow is going to be such a joy to head back to the sewing room, to quilt out a couple quilts for a couple of people. Plus I'm going to start some new primitive ornaments as well..

Anyone else doing a clean up in there sewing rooms??? Or do you even bother?? LOL

Many Blessings to you~~~~


Bianca said...

Oh, I am envious. Spending time in my sewing room would sound so good. I have to straighten it out too, and work off some of those UFO's, so I have room again for new stuff. LOL

Carolyn said...

Thanks Bianca, I would have more room if it wasn't for those UFO's also. I like the way you think making room for new stuff. :)