Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Happy Fall & take time 4 U~~

Well I believe Fall is just about here, been in the mid forties in the am and low 70's in the afternoons.. I just love fall all of the beautiful colors, so rich looking. I'm not much into Halloween but more in to the autumn of pumpkins, indian corn, mums and all of the colors of the leaves. But it is a reminder Christmas is right around the corner... oh the very thought of that don't do much for the spirit. I think I'll just enjoy day by day here.
Well finished a friends quilt for her, which is very pretty. She made for a friend whose husband was killed in a fishing accident. I hope it brings her much comfort.

I'm heading to my last quilt retreat a year, hhmmm lets see that makes 5 I went to this year. I'm so blessed to have a wonderful husband/family that truely understands my need to have a relaxing weekend with some great ladies. I know Clyde says I come back home more relaxed. I've only have 4 next year scheduled so far, but next year isn't here yet, LOL.I packed all of my projects to work on while I'm there, wonder how many I'll get done. I always over pack but you never know what you might want to work on or in the mood for. We are going to be roasting marshmallows & making smores in the fire place they have, already have the menu's worked out, some yummy chili & fixins one night. Another night Italian Sausages & fixins for it as well. Not including the desserts or the snacks we all bring way to many. One thing with this group we can cook, no ones goes away hungry. Oh did I mention the breakfast meals one of the gals make, they are 5 star all the way. We so pamper ourselves there. :) But we all deserve to be pampered every now and then right? I know we do, we are wives, mothers, sisters, and care takers. Life is too short to put ourselves on the bottom of the list all the time. If you haven't moved yourself up to the top then do so!!! You deserve it. God made you special too and worth while to be #1 on the list. I'm sure God has you #1 on his list, and if you are good enough for God then your good enough to do that for yourself. God wants you to enjoy life, just don't be selfish about it. ;-) So take some time out for you and do so by honoring him as well. He will truely bless you~~
Have a great weekend everyone.
Many Blessing to you

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