Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall is coming


Even thought it is near the 90's today fall is coming, the leaves are turning early & was remind by Clyde Deer season is this saturday... Can you hear the joy in my voice, LOL.

Here are some things I made up this week that went to the local craft mall to sell I hope. Fall gets me in the sewing mood that is for sure. I have one retreat left this year which should be lots of fun, then off to christmas time. I found a couple of cool patterns to start some new quilts I bookmarked. I'm seriously considering getting back into selling on ebay/etsy and do some shows, I found out this past weekend I miss it. I think I miss the talking with people, so I stayed up late last night looking online for some great shows here in Ohio. If know of any give me a buzz. I love ones with true primitives, handmade stuff, not import stuff. Off to reorganize a couple things in my sewing room and get some pillows made up to sell.. Have a great day & let me know what you think of the punkin heads.


Chris said...

I miss the wonder of fall....all the colors and apples and pumpkins :) Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn T said...

I love the pumpkins. I think they should be a hit.