Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well been awhile since I've posted anything, been so busy with life. Boy life just seems to get in the way of quilting at times. So it is a new year, hopefully a great year. It is snowing and looks so fresh & clean outside. Right now I'm working on so much, lets see~~~ We've got the Ohioquilters retreat coming up in May finalizing things with that, the Chillicothe Guild starting a new raffle quilt, and working on my own stuff. Trying to get done some of those UFO's done up this year. I've got 3 I'm wanting to get done by the end of March BUT I keep getting caught up in some wonderful online projects with some yahoo groups. Hate to miss out on anything with them. Here is a picture of one of those I did, thru an online group. All done up in Kansas Troubles fabric. The pattern is called Itsy Bitsy Spider. Love how it turned out but oh so time consuming. I decided to use up a lot of my scraps and took much longer than expected. But made a dent in my stash. :)
That is one of my goal this year is to cut down my stash, I know such a drastic thing to do but I do have so much. Plus maybe make room for some of the fabric I truely love. I have fabric when I look at it I'm thinking now " What was I thinking buying that? Was I on some drugs?" so it is being used as charity quilts or as backings. Now don't get me wrong it is beautiful fabric, but not my cup of tea any more.
Well off to sew some 6" log cabin blocks with 1/2 square triangle centers used in a block swap. I've already done up all of my flying geese. The pattern is called Double duty, going to be done up in all Kansas troubles fabric.

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